Suze Orman is GAY!

OMG! I always got vibes from her, but thought she wasnt!… But Suze is GAY! Noooo way! So cool!

In other news. It’s snowing like a mofo back home. Check out this amazing pic:

Iowa Snow Storm 2007

Iowa Snow Storm 2007

I wish I could be there now!

photo credit to:wicked messenger.

This weekend Ben came over on Sat afternoon and we hung out all day. Went to Chinese New Year and then Olvera Street. Had a really great time. He spent the night and then today we went out biking with the Team 100. Just did an easy 20 miles. It was nice and sunny but only 50ish when we started. By the time we got back it was cloudy and colder. Just as we were pulling out to go home it started raining. Good thing we didn’t go longer! 🙂

It was really great to hang out with him this weeknd. As always pictures on the photodump.

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