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Paris Hilton Gets Arrested again…

UGH! I just had a huge post here about stuff… And then my computer froze. That’s what happens when you are running 8 million applications.. UGH!

So I will try to recreate now:

Ok, the last week or so has been UBER stressful at work. Lots of high priority projects all due at the same time and people blasting me for stuff to be done yesterday basically.

Anyways, so last night was a night to go blow off some steam. Ben, Jason, some guy from TN named Robert and I all went out to dinner in WeHo. Went to Marix and had a couple drinks and all you can eat tacos. Very yummmy. After that we walked over to Fiesta Cantina and chatted it up and had a good time. About 11ish we all got in the car and were driving to Beige when Jason screams. “There’s Paris Hilton“. She had been pulled over yet again. And we were some of the first to see… No cameras or anything yet even. What a stupid bitch.

Beige was tons of fun. No Asian to deal with, some random black girls came and joined us and we all had a great night.

Got home about 2:30ish and crashed. I woke up at 7am and my door was standing wide open again. I really have to remember to lock that sucker. I’m surprised that my cats haven’t run away one of these times. Drove into work at 10am and some idiot decided it’d be smart to close half the freeway to do bridge inspections. UGH.

The other night Ben and I watched notes on a scandal.

Ok, the rest is just going to be interesting links:

405 The Movie. Very funny

Bill to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ coming. Lets hope this passes!

RedBull NASCAR Team is HOT!

101 Amazing Earth Facts. Very cool read.

Crazy Gas Station. I will attempt to find this in LA!

Gadget Theft. Very cool service. I’ll have to sign up for it for my next iPod.

I know I’m forgetting a ton of stuff that I wanted to write about but… That is all for now…

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