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All About Driving…

OMG. I’ve had some horrible driving experiences over the last few days.

Let’s start with this morning…. I was driving into work PCH this morning going about 45. This asshole in a Chrysler 300 comes flying up from behind me. There’s an open lane to my left. But yet he doesn’t seem to get the hell over. He’s ON MY ASS. Now, we all know that I tail gate, so I have a pretty high tollerance for it. But this guy was ON MY ASS. So I brake check him. He doesn’t back off. I brake check him a few more times and the asshole backs off a little bit (about to the point where I usually tailgate slow ass moving people). Then all of sudden, the asshole flys out to my left, comes up beside me and starts to flip me off. In typical LA fashion I flip him off and start screaming at him. Then he starts weaving his car in and out as if he’s going to slide slam me…. After a little bit of this and him realizing he’s not scaring me, he speeds off. I keep track of him…. Anyone wanna guess WHERE he was speeding off too?








STARBUCKS! Asshole! When I saw that I soooo wanted to fucking follow him in there and scream at him some more!

Then the other night when we were going to Ben’s house this idiot tourist van tried to turn right from the left lane.. Only issue. I was trying to turn right as well.

The other day while I was biking this stupid soccer mom in her giant SUV, tailgates me, speeds past me and then slams on her brakes with her right turn signal on… And stops. Excuse me? You seriously just passed me to make an immediate right turn?!?!? So I start screaming at her. Then she rolls down her window and yells at me. “I’m waiting for you asshole.”… How am I the asshole? you’re the fucking bitch that just cut me off!?!? People in LA!

And lastly. I was driving home from work last night doing about 85 in the far right lane. When all of a sudden I come up on a CHP. I slam on my brakes… but when I passed him I was still going 75+. Amazingly he didn’t even blink. I about had a heart attack.

In other news.

The pic of Harry Potter naked is a confirmed fake. It’s by the same person that did this one of Draco as a Naughty Devil (NSFW).

I finished my HUGE project at work. Today is hopefully going to be a lazy day. 🙂

I’ve been listening to the new Val & Lisa on Star 98.7 the last few days just to see how it’s going. Plus, I have to admit. I like star’s music. Anyways, they are SO ripping off everything JJS did! Bastards. Oh well. I will continue to listen to JackFM as my primary station.

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NO JACK FM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the spot where radio still sits in my heart is hurting right now 🙁

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