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Quick Update

OMG. So have you seen the FULLY NUDE Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) pics? Well click HERE (NSFW!!!) to see them.

Holy shit, a boy can dream!

As I stated, Helpdesk work today. Which means I was up at 3am. In the office EARLY as hell and didn’t get out of there till 2 because of what I posted in the previous friends only posting (sorry non-friends!). So tonight I am just hangin gout at home chilling and trying to stay off the computer. (Clearly not working).

So much stuff was going on at the office today though. I had 4 people coming to me all day long asking for RIGHT THIS INSTANT changes to thier projects. I felt bad because one of the other projects that I was looking forward too got dumped on someone else. I was really looking forward to doing it too because it would have provided a great distraction for an hour or two.

Anyways the rest of the weekend should be really fun. Hanging out with ben and what not. I’m enjoying him. 🙂


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