My Life

May 29, 2001

may 29, [phil collins, "we fly so close"] ok so today i was packing

all my xy’s and advocates and all that stuff up so i could put it in my trunk.

well i found them all, except one, the one with the scout’s honor stuff in

it. i had left it in my scanner, but it was all covered, so the scanner would

have looked like it was empty, but even if someone opened the scanner the

back of the mag was up and it just had some advertisment on it. but the mag

was no where to be found, not in the scanner, not in my room, not in the bag

with the rest of the mags. so i started looking through all the places that

my parent’s hide things that they steal from me. i started with their bathroom

drawer, nothing new there, they still have some lighters and stuff they stole

from me and some writings, but nothing of any importance so i left those.

went to thier clostet, and went through all thier drawers, they had a few

other things there that they had taken fromme, still had my smokes from a

couple years ago, i opened those, they were really dry, lol. but i put everything

back, nothing i really needed there. went to thier bed, opened all the drawers

there. nope, nothing, went through thier windows seat, nothing new there,

found something i’m guessing will be someone’s b-day or christas present.

noticed that some of the guns were gone, but the locks for them were in the

bottom of the windows seat. i dunno where they went, my favorite gun was gone,

but i found it later, it was in the attic. i went back to thier bed and carefully

moved all the shit off thier head board and opened up the secret compartment

there, nothing new there, either. other then all thier p0rn. nothing exciting

though, it had been there for a while, it was covered in dust. so i was lost.

i didn’t know where the hell it could have gone. i went into andy’s room and

searched it. found a bunch of my cd’s so i ripped them into MP3. but then

my dad got home, so i had to stop looking for it.the case of the missing gay

magazine. Private Eye Chris is on the case. lol. other then that todays been

pretty boring, i’m cleaning my car up and stuff, i think i’ll put a for sale

sign on it, maybe like 7,000 or so. see what i can get, i rpobably won’t sell

it cause i don;t have the money to replace it, but i’m thinking. i also started

packing everything else i’ll need for the summer. i dunno if i’m going to

take my computer though. if i don’t i’ll only get one update a week and i’ll

miss alot of the stuff that will happen, but if i take it i’ll be able to

do all my updates, but i’ll have the problem of other annoying people wanting

to use it and also have the space and all that shit type problems. yep. but

also if i take it, i’ll have my cd, dvd, tv, vcr, mp3, radio and alarm clock

all in one. so that would be a good feature too. i think i’ll wait tell i

get there, and see what happens, if i can i decide i want to bring it my pu’s

are there the first week so they can bring it up to me. i’ve also printed

off that letter and hav e it packed away. so it’s ready to go.

My Life

May 1, 2001

may 1 #4. so i WAS going to switch to fateback, but they don’t support server-side

includes so i can’t use them, since _every_ page on my site uses ssi’s. damnit.

and now everythings going to have pop up windows cause i took the scriptng

out of the pages cause i didn’t need it in fateback, damnit.

My Life

April 30, 2001

april 30, #2. damnit my scanner doesn’t work with Win2k, so i had to reboot

again this morning to get into WinMe so scan some things.

damn windows. the more i read

about microsoft

the more i hate them too. and damn HP uses a network card that linux doesn’t

recognize and i’m sure as hell not even going to try to retrofit a driver

for it.

My Life

March 30, 2001

march 30 #3. i love the rain, i really do. it’s raining here,

and i just got back from a 45 minute jog. it’s so nice out. i love it, it’s

just raining hard enough to get you wet, but not soaking wet. i really do

love it, it could rain everyday and i would love it. you know what i really like though are thunderstorms, oh yeah. i really like those. the lightning,

the crash, i just wish i could cuddle up close to the person i love and just

watch the lightening. it’s so cool. but people are annoying to, you wouldn’t

beleive the number of people that rolled thier windows down and yelled stupid

things at me. it’s like dumbshits, i was warmer and drier then they were,

i have this really cool coat it’s called a second skin, and it works just

like that, no matter how hard it’s raining, it’ll keep you sooooooo dry and

warm, it’s so nice. and my boots are waterproof, so i can stand in a puddle

of water that’s like 6″ deep and my feet will still be dry, they’ll be

cold, but dry, cause that’s the way they are made, to cool off your feet when

you stand in water, but to keep them dry, it’s really cool, and comes in handy out there in the woods. lol.

My Life

March 29, 2001

March 29 #3. i bet you people didn’t realize how many different

time i update this in a day. i’m going to start doing it like this cause that

way it’s easier for people to see what they’ve read and what they haven’t

cause it’s nothing for me to upload this page 4 or 5 times a day. so ok on

to what i wanted to babble about, the CS department here is so fucking stupid

here’s an e-mail they just sent to everyone: To those

residence hall students who are running FTP services or Unix /Linux machines

The dormitory network connection agreement signed by students includes a statement

precluding the installation or use of server software without prior permission

from Computing Services. This includes FTP services, MS server functions of

Windows, and Unix/Linux variants. We’ve not policed this requirement in the

past. However, these installations are now placing the entire DSU network

at risk. Some of these applications contain large security holes. Last week

someone from outside the University exploited the security lapses on a student’s

Linux machine to hack into and initiate a denial of service attack on a machine

in Rumania. These attacks typically send large packets to the site under attack,

preventing it from communicating to the Internet. Unfortunately, these types

of attacks also consume our router and internet bandwidth, so very little

can come into or leave campus while the attack is underway. Yesterday we received

notification from BIT that entities from outside the University are trying

a standard well known buffer overflow attack to break into FTP servers on

student machines in the dorms. These attacks work by overwhelming the FTP

application with garbage commands. If the FTP server crashes, the hacker can

compromise the computer, take it over and initiate another denial of service

attack, erase files or whatever. Anyone running Unix FTP servers using WU-FTP Daemon should upgrade immediately. At least four unique security holes have

been identified in this package in the last six months. Most systems have

converted to the PRO-FTP Daemons because it is more secure and does not need

to be patched every month. By default most UNIX systems enable FTP services.

Unless you take steps to protect your computer and the OS, you continue to

risk it and the DSU internet connection. If you are running Unix/Linux or

a windows FTP client we ask that you notify Computing Services at 5675. We also ask that you ensure you have downloaded and installed the appropriate

security patches. Since we cannot continue to risk the campus connection to

the internet, failure to protect student machines in the dorms may lead to

a discontinuation of network services in the dorms. yeah, stupid fucks.

so i guess i’m going to have to call and tell them that i’m running Win2k

Server. but i’ve disabled all my ftp and iis stuff so they can’t get to bitchy

at me about it. they are just a bunch of BOFH’s, if you go like 1K over the

disk quota they disable your account and you have to wait 5 working days before

they will reinstate it. fuckers. i’m glad i don’t have to use the damn thing,

and you know this is th #9

tech college for it’s size in the country, well they fucking lied on their

thingy, cause if you go and look it says they give th students 100+ megs of

space on the servers and another 100+ on the webside, well they only give

you a TOTAL of 10. dumbasses. and you know i really like that e-mail, cause

they just had a huge article in the Trojan Times about how they just got a

ton of new Sun systems and how they are going to start integrating them into

the teachings and stuff. well i think they should allow linux and server stuff

in their dorm rooms if they are going to teach it. and you know they would

also fix this problem if they installed a fucking FIREWALL. dumbshits. it

would cost them what $2000 to put in a fucking firewall, but do you think

they’ve done that NO, and you know they jsut got a fucking 1.6 million dollar

grant thingy from gateway to but computers and stuff, you think they could

use $2000 of that to buy a goddamn fucking firewall? they have a bunch of

dumbasses running this fucking network, i tell you they do, i coud run it