March 30, 2001

march 30 #3. i love the rain, i really do. it’s raining here,

and i just got back from a 45 minute jog. it’s so nice out. i love it, it’s

just raining hard enough to get you wet, but not soaking wet. i really do

love it, it could rain everyday and i would love it. you know what i really like though are thunderstorms, oh yeah. i really like those. the lightning,

the crash, i just wish i could cuddle up close to the person i love and just

watch the lightening. it’s so cool. but people are annoying to, you wouldn’t

beleive the number of people that rolled thier windows down and yelled stupid

things at me. it’s like dumbshits, i was warmer and drier then they were,

i have this really cool coat it’s called a second skin, and it works just

like that, no matter how hard it’s raining, it’ll keep you sooooooo dry and

warm, it’s so nice. and my boots are waterproof, so i can stand in a puddle

of water that’s like 6″ deep and my feet will still be dry, they’ll be

cold, but dry, cause that’s the way they are made, to cool off your feet when

you stand in water, but to keep them dry, it’s really cool, and comes in handy out there in the woods. lol.

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