March 30, 2001

march 30 #2. today’s really fucking boring, we don’t have any

classes today, so my roomie is still fucking sleeping, the ddumbshit, why

couldn’t he have dgone home this fucking weekend? damnit. i was up tell like

1 this morning and then got up at 7 and just kinda laid there, i think i fell

asleep again, but i remember finally getting out of bed at like 9, but ya

know talking about bed and sleeping, i remember this dream i had last night.

i don’t know what the hell was going on, but i was walking into polk city

and the whole town was just like dead, it was like a ghost town or something,

but 415 was now like 4 lanes, but it was all dirt and i got to about where

the LCF was, and it was still there. and as i was walking past John, some

guy i used to work with, drove by and stopped and offered me a ride home,

and that’s where it ended, but it was just wierd cause no one else was driving

and the town was just like dead, and i was walking in from somewhere, i don’t

know where, but i remember that i had a backpack and stuff, yeah it was weird.

oh i don’t remember if i already talked about this or not, but i called that

guy from sf like 4 times last night, but he never answered his phone, so i

dunno, i’m just gonna kinda forget bout him, unless he e-mails me or something.

i went to sf today and drove around some, i drove through the Augie campus,

but didn’t happen to spot him, i think it would be pretty easy to spot him,

i don’t know why, but i just have this feeling. you know how it goes. I wanna

learn the permissions on this win2k better, but i don’t want to take the chance

of killing it, so i’m not going to do much, and plus with them cracking down

on server software on thier network i don’t want to take the chance of accidently

opening a hole somewhere. lol. I”m getting much bettter downloads though

then i was with WinMe, i like not being in the cap, and with everyone else

capped yet, yeah, it’s so much better, .

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