March 30, 2001

March 30, so i had a thing here and dreamweaver died on me,

so this one’s not going to be as good. 🙁 things that are cool: Kohls, Win2k,

the anonymity of MSN, and palying with people’s minds over MSN. Kohls is really

cool. i went there and bought some stuff to work out in, yeah you heard me

work out. i gotta get back to my walking 20 miles a day, lol. but ok, this

stuff would have been like $60 normally, but i got it for $20, i was so happy.

lol. i can never go into kohls with out walking out with something, they have

some really cool stuff there. Win2k is cool too cause it’s been up for 1day,

20 hours, 24 minutes, and 13 seconds and it’s still going strong, if i were

still in WinMe i would have had to reboot a couple times by now cause yesterday

i was doing some pretty heavy graphics work. hehe, MSn is just cool to cause

there’s this guy here that i like, he’s pretty cute,

but i don’t think he’s gay, so i wasn’t like wanting to just walk up to him

and talk to him, cause youknow me, i’m just shy like that, lol. but yeah,

so i did a little research on him (figured out his name, wow hard work) and

found his MSN signin, so i added him to my thing and you know how it tells

you when someone adds you to thier list, well when he got on he was like “Who

is this” and i just played with his mind he’s pretty cool. but i still

don’t think he’s gay. I dunno, but that’s why i took the links off the front

page, cause i gave him my web addy, so i’ll leave those off for a few days.

and then i’ll put them back. I usually see him in the morning in the tc, and

we usually end up sitting next to each other at the computers, so i’ll talk

to him on monday, or whenever i see him next. Speaking of him, there he is.

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