March 31, 2001

march 31. i love spring, i really do, it’s such a beautiful

time of year, i wish it could be srping year round, you know that. i really

do, last night after it rained it snowed, and by the time i got up at 9:30

it was sooooooo nice out it had to have been like 45 or so and now it’s probobly

about 60 it’s so nice. nm going on here, you know it’s the weekend. only 4

days tell danny’s b-day. hehe, last night was so funny, julian put a thing

to the loop that he was going to add danny to the list, and i happened to

have been on the phone with danny when i got the e-mail, so i told danny,

and after a bit, he eventually got added, i think. lol. it’d be really funny

if he was on there. lmao

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