April 1, 2001

April 1, well it’s april fools day, i hate this day, i really do. arg. i

slept in today, that felt nice, i’m still damn sore though. arg. it sucks.

i can barely walk at all. i really need to get out and run more, lol. oh well,

not much goingon here yet, it’s 1:03 (did everyone do that stupid clock thingy?)

i hate that to, why can’t we all be like AZ and not change our clocks? maybe

i’ll move there, so then i don’t have to put up with that stupid clock shit,

yeah, that’s a good idea, lol. it’s really nice out today, almost all the

snow is gone off the ground exept the HUGE piles from where the plowed the

parking lot, but those are getting smaller everyday. i really love spring.

i do. lol.

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