My Life

April 1, 2001

April 1, #2. so i just saw j in the hall way, damn he’s so cute.

i wish i weren’t so shy, lol. I’m like 99% sure though that he’s not gay or

anything, and even if he was i probably wouldn’t even have a chance. damnit.

oh well. i hope i see him tomorrow morning in the tc, i’ll talk to him there.

everyone must get jabber, damnit. it’s fucking cool. andright now it happens

to be working with aim, so i’m all happy. it’s really pretty cool, i like

it, danny got it now too, so yeah. lol oh, i’m going to start a new format

for this month and see if i like it, i’m going to start putting the new things

at the bottom of the page. just to see if i like it this month, i dunno. i’m

already not really liking this, but we’ll see. yeah, i’m going to bed now,


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