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April 2, 2001

arpril 2, yeah, so it’s monday, eh.i hate mondays, i really do. ya know i

like this win2k thing, there’s this task manager that’s alot like the linux

top and ps commands, i like that, i can kill processes, just for the hell

of it, but ya know what i realized whtn ever i type my cpu usage jumps to

100% but as soon as i stop typing it drops to 25%. which is what it’s at for

just normal operation, i dunno, it’s odd. only 2 more days tell danny’s b-day,

yay, lol. i’m kinda lost as to what to do, i’d like to send him something,

but since i don’t have a mailing addy, damnit. lol. oh well, i’ll think of

something cool to do, lol. maybe. i suck at gifts and shit. i hate most holidays,

especially my b-day, so yeah. i think holidays should be about just spending

the day with someone you love, and not getting of giving all these damn gifts,

maybe i just think that cause i hate shopping for other people, but yeah,

that’s my view on that, lol. so i saw j this morning, but i didn’t get a chance

to talk to him, he had a bunch of females hanging off him, literally. yeah,

lol. currently i have 8,689 e-mails. lol. just thought everyone would love

to know that. i’m thinking i’ll hit the 10,000 mark by the time schools out.

lol. yeah, other then that it’s been damn boring here. i did my programming

assingment that i forgot about untill like just now, it was so fucking easy,

you just had to copy the code out of the book, it’s like, what the fuck’s

the point of this, damnit? there was an article somewhere about colleges just

creating programming drones to site in there cubecells. and yeah, that’s what

this college is doing, it’s all just a bunch of dumb shits that they are making

programming drones for shcwans and stuff, you know alot of the IT department

at schwans graduated from here, we had one of them come and talk to us in

class and she was dumber then shit too. so yeah. i rest my case, lol. i like

jabber, everyone must get it.

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