My Life

April 2, 2001

pril 2 #2, goddamnit i hate my programming professor. that mother fucker.

so i just got my lab back, you know the one that could have been done in like

2 pages of code, but i did it in 10 cause i idiot proofed it, well you know

what the fucker did cause i went to that extra work, he fucking took 5 points

off the goddamn thing, 5 goddamn point. ARG. he said i "didn’t follow

the directions" HELL NO i didn’t i got the fucking program to do what

the directions said to do, and more, programming is about thinking out side

the box, well here they are keeping you locked tightly inside the fucking

box, the bastards. ARG. ARG. ARG. damnit. ok enough ranting. bubye.

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