April 2, 2001

pril 2, #3. well my pu’s just got my contract for my summer job. it’s really

fucked up. he said 1200/wk on the phone and now they are saying 1200 for the

_entire_ summer, that’s 10 weeks, 109 hours a week for 1200, you do the math.

but i think it should be a really fun job, so i think i’ll take it. i mean,

not like i don’t really need the money, i can live on that for a year, well

maybe not if i get into where i want to, but i know i’m going to get a job

next year, no matter where i do end up. but speaking of places that i’ll end

up. i got the housing application to unl today. ::shudders:: it’s ok i guess.

my mom said though that if i do go there, i might get to live in off campus

housing, so that would be cool, yeah, it would be. lol.

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