My Life

May 01, 2001

May 1. so it’s a new month, eh. cool. it’s also may day, what ever that is.

i ever really understood the point of may day, oh well. i cut myself shaving

this morning, it bled, like alot. it’s stopped now, so it’s all good. my roomies

also actually out of bed, and it’s only 6:54. well actually he was out of

bed when i got back from my shower at 6:30. so that’s all weird and shit.

not much really going on today, i only have 8 classes left before fianls start.

i made a template for this page, so now all i ahve to do is make a new file

and then add the template to it, so that way it all looks cool. i hope it

works. i think i’m also going to go keep the newest entry at the bottom thing,

i dunno, i didn’t like it at first, but it’s kinda grown on me, if you don’t

like it, just tell me and i’ll think about changing it back. i’m going to

go take this stack of plates back to the TC now, laters.

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