My Life

May 01, 2001 #2

May 1, #2. so my roomie did it again, went and left the door standing wide

open while he left off somewhere, what a twat. totally different subject,

i want a tattoo like this guys,

obviously not in that spot, but i think you get the idea. i don’t know what

that one says there, it’s either “Same Sex Love” or “Rebellion or Anarchy”.

i want mine to say same sex love, cause that would just be cool. i don’t know

where i’d get it, maybe like on my upper upper arm or something. hmm, maybe

the shoulder blade, that would be easier to conceal. alright for some reasonj

the “end” key doesn’t work, and the backspace key has been acting up lately.

i think it’s about time for a new keyboard, or maybe i just need to clean

this one, cause it get’s _alot_ of use. and i’ve enver spilled anything on

it, i take good care of my keyboards, lol. and i like this one too, cause

it’s clacky and i like clacky keybaords. it’s really hard to find a clacky

keybaord that i like to. this one has just the right amount of clack to it,

lol. suckers are good.

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