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May 29, 2001

may 29, [phil collins, "we fly so close"] ok so today i was packing

all my xy’s and advocates and all that stuff up so i could put it in my trunk.

well i found them all, except one, the one with the scout’s honor stuff in

it. i had left it in my scanner, but it was all covered, so the scanner would

have looked like it was empty, but even if someone opened the scanner the

back of the mag was up and it just had some advertisment on it. but the mag

was no where to be found, not in the scanner, not in my room, not in the bag

with the rest of the mags. so i started looking through all the places that

my parent’s hide things that they steal from me. i started with their bathroom

drawer, nothing new there, they still have some lighters and stuff they stole

from me and some writings, but nothing of any importance so i left those.

went to thier clostet, and went through all thier drawers, they had a few

other things there that they had taken fromme, still had my smokes from a

couple years ago, i opened those, they were really dry, lol. but i put everything

back, nothing i really needed there. went to thier bed, opened all the drawers

there. nope, nothing, went through thier windows seat, nothing new there,

found something i’m guessing will be someone’s b-day or christas present.

noticed that some of the guns were gone, but the locks for them were in the

bottom of the windows seat. i dunno where they went, my favorite gun was gone,

but i found it later, it was in the attic. i went back to thier bed and carefully

moved all the shit off thier head board and opened up the secret compartment

there, nothing new there, either. other then all thier p0rn. nothing exciting

though, it had been there for a while, it was covered in dust. so i was lost.

i didn’t know where the hell it could have gone. i went into andy’s room and

searched it. found a bunch of my cd’s so i ripped them into MP3. but then

my dad got home, so i had to stop looking for it.the case of the missing gay

magazine. Private Eye Chris is on the case. lol. other then that todays been

pretty boring, i’m cleaning my car up and stuff, i think i’ll put a for sale

sign on it, maybe like 7,000 or so. see what i can get, i rpobably won’t sell

it cause i don;t have the money to replace it, but i’m thinking. i also started

packing everything else i’ll need for the summer. i dunno if i’m going to

take my computer though. if i don’t i’ll only get one update a week and i’ll

miss alot of the stuff that will happen, but if i take it i’ll be able to

do all my updates, but i’ll have the problem of other annoying people wanting

to use it and also have the space and all that shit type problems. yep. but

also if i take it, i’ll have my cd, dvd, tv, vcr, mp3, radio and alarm clock

all in one. so that would be a good feature too. i think i’ll wait tell i

get there, and see what happens, if i can i decide i want to bring it my pu’s

are there the first week so they can bring it up to me. i’ve also printed

off that letter and hav e it packed away. so it’s ready to go.

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