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May 28, 2001

may 28, #3 [fuel, "easy"] well i’ll tell you work sures as hell

wasn’t easy. we got out of the cpr and shit we were going to do today cause

it was raining and he wanted to do rainy day plans since we were all in that

mood. so we did that and also went through and every gave parts of thier speach,

god stadd can be so damn annoying, i had four people criticing me, and they

were so damn annoying, our jobs when we watch are to be the most annoying

as we can be, and damn do we doo a good job of that. lol. like was giving

a demonstration and i was tying a knot and one of the other staff members

was like, ‘well that knot won’t hold anythihng’ cause it’s a timber hitch

and just looking at it you would think that it couldn’t hold shit [bon jovi,

"you give love a bad name’] so i was like, well come test it, so he grabbed

the end that had the stick on it and i grabbed the rope end and we started

pulling, well since i didn’t have a stick to hold on to i wraped the rope

around my hand, like most people would do (i also had my back to a table,

not a good idea). but then one of the other staff memebers comes up and grabs

the extra rope that was behind me and pulls on it as hard as he can and it

just crushed my hand, i can’t hardly move my thumb, so if i’m missing any

spaces or anything that’s why. lol, but after i got my hand undone, they grabbed

the rope and pinned me up against the table and then down onto the top of

the table. once they let me up they were like, "never let a scout test

your knots if you’re going to do something like that have another adult hold

the other end of it" yeah, good lesson. eh. lol. i also found out that

i’m moving in on june 1, that’s this friday. [tonic, "mountian"]

yucky, i wasn’t expecting to have to move in tell the friday after this, but

he was like, hey can you move in early and help finish the ampitheater, cause

right now it’s ripped apart, they took all the steps and seats out cause it

was a major saftey hazard and they are redoing it, but because of all the

rain they are running WAY behind schedule, and that’s the only places besides

the dinning hall that you can hold all the scouts. so it has to be done before

camp starts. oh i also got my tenting assingment today, i’m tenting with (shit

i can’t think of his name, it starts with a "B") but he’s really

cute. lol. ben wasn’t there today either, that sucked, i was looking forward

to seeing him, but allen was there today too, and the lakefront director was

walking around in his swimsuit, so that was nice 🙂 he’s damn fucking hot.

lol. i think it should be a pretty good summer. i sure hope it’s oging to

be. well i’m going to go take a shower now cause i was eaten alive by bugs

and it’s killing me. they were mowing today so all the mosquitos and then

knats (sp?) were all out. i’m going to go through alot of bug spray this summer.

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