My Life

May 29, 2001

may 29, #2 [celine dion, "my heart will go on"] can’t i just fucking

shoot my parents, my dad just yelled at me agian for that $85 phone bill.

he’s like, "i told you not to talk so long the first time" and i

was like, no you didn’t. and he just wouldn’t let it drop, some how we got

to the point of "what do you think we’re just going to give you a blank

check" and i was like "no" and then we got to "well how

long have you not had a job" and to that i said "HOW LONG HAVE I

HAD A JOB" and he let that drop. the stupid bastard. i mean comon, lately

i’ve been paying for almost everything i’ve had to get. they hanve’t bought

me clothes in over a year now, and it’s not because i don’t need them it’s

because they won’t buy me clothes. [the step kings, "vibe"] one

week i’ll be like, "mom i need new clothes" and she’s like "next

week we’ll go out" next week comes along, "mom i stil needs new

clothes", "next week" and they just keep putting shit off.

and ya know, after you have so many holes in things, you just go out and buy

the shit yourself. i really am ready to fucking shoot them if i don’t get

out of here soon. it’s like god damnit, they give everything to andy, but

me, what the hell do i get. i get moved out of MY room. i get yelled at for

every little thing, they go through my room and take stuff that’s "inappropriate"

and they don’t do that shit to andy. andy steals shit out of my room, and

gets away with it, but if i even step into his room i get yelled at. i work

my ass off keeping this place clean cause their all pigs, and don’t get shit,

but andy does shit and gets an allowanc for it. i ws never offered an aloowance,

and when i asked they said some shit about i should do it weather i’m aid

for it or not. i worked my ass off at his store for nothing, and andy never

had to do that, how much money did i save him and that damn store by working

all those fucking weekends and early mornings? he didn’t have to pay an extra

employee to work, so that had to have saved him shit loads of money, how many

years did i work at kum & go, how many hours do i put in at scout camp?

y aknow i’ve probably worked more hours then most 25 year olds have. and yet

he can’t pay for a fucking $85 phone bill. ya know something else. my contacts

too, my dad and andy went out together and got new glasses, over $400 for

the both of them. i told my mom back at thanksgiving, and christmas, and spring

break and easter to get an appointment set up for me, do you think she did?

nope, so i had to go get it done on my own, she said she would rimburse me.

so i get the cheapest contacts, one years supply of shit is $115. plus the

$70 for the doctor exam. now she won’t reimburse me. so there’s $185 plus

$85 for the phone bill that i wasn’t expecting to have to pay i _DON’T HAVE

THAT KIND OF MONEY_ oh yeah, i also had to pay for my own doctors visit for

my physical the other day, they wouldn’t pay for that either. i don’t remember

how much that was, but i know i dont have the omney to cover that, there’s

yet anouther bounced check. fucking ass holes. why can’t i get away from them


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