My Life

May 29, 2001

may 29, #3 [fine young canibals, "good thing"] tonight was pretty

cool. xak randomly showed up at my door and i was like, WTF are you doing

here, so we left and went to mandy’s but she wasn’t there. so we went to kum

and go, where we found her. then we went to julians house, i’d never been

there before, it was cool. we hung there tell mandy got off, then we went

to wal-mart picked up a layaway thing jules had and went to get mandy. then

we went off and we found nic, so we followed him home, and talked to him,

he was going to the westside to hang so we left him, came and got my car and

went to ankeny to eat, that was amusing, then we went to the westside to find

nic, where we found him, he offered substances to everyone, mandy jules and

i didn’t do any and mandy was uncomfortalbe with it so i took her home. then

i went back out there, and we just hung around talking and making fun of xak

cause he was funny. i’ve been really down though lately when i’m with the

group. cause i mean i feel realy bad about leaving all summer, and i really

don’t feel like i’m part of the group. i mean they always talk about, hey

remember this time or that time, and it’s like no, i wasn’t there. and it’s

just really sad. and plus i’m really going to miss them all this summer when

i’m gone. i mean ya know i’ll be home most weekends, but i’ll be so fucking

exhuasted, i proably won’t want to do much, if anything. and with the whole

feelings shit, which i’ve talked about up there in places, it’s really draggin

me down. but i really enjoy going out with them and all that. i realy really

do. people better come up and see me at camp. they better. damnit.<

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