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Hot bois

God there’s so many hot boys on college campus when the sun comes out, I wish I could be one of those hot boys that people turn and watch as they walk away. I wish I could be one of those hot boys that people see and say, I’d like to get him in bed. I wish I were a hot boy.

But I’m not…. 🙁 I’m going to be hot though, that’s my plan for the summer, every weekend I’m going to go canoeing, that’ll really work the upper body, I’m going to go to the gym everyday before classes this summer, I will damnit. I’ll be a hot boi, one of those boys. That’ll be me.

Not much has really happened today, I just got out of ComS 207, there were hot bois there, some of them I had never seen before, I don’t know where they came from, but they were hot, and they were showing off alot of skin, it was nice. “God is in Control” boi came in as well, the guy that Vero wants to kill, he showed off his chest. He’s built as hell. I wish I could be built. Then I saw another boy that was hot as well, he has the cutest long blonde hair, but he always wears this stupid hat that covers it up. It’s sad really, I want to tell him that he should loss that hat and he’d look a hell of alot sexier, but I’m sure he’d look at my funny or something.

That’s been my day…. I want to be hot.

My website will be down from tonight through probably Friday as it’s moved to it’s new home…. I’ll see everyone there.

Cj B

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