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So the last 24 hours have been very stressful for me…

Last night just as West Wign was getting over, and I was just putting the finishing touches on the final Stat paper, my monitor started turning on and off at a high rate of speed… It continued to do this for some time, and the only way to stop it from doing it was to unplug it, but even when I plugged it back in, it just went about what it was doing (the on / off bit) It did this for about 15 minutes, then finally stopped, but it wasn’t showing any picture, it was just sitting there making a whirrrring sound… That pissed me off to no end, cause our other HP monitor had done the same thing… I called HP, hoping that they had at least a 2 year warranty, cause my 2 years is up August 25th.

I was on the phone for about 30 minutes (a non-800 number) before I finally got to a tech, he said that they only had a one year warranty and that he could “provide assistance for $30.” I asked him what the hell he could do for a broken monitor over the phone and he said “nothing.” So I said some choise words and hung up on him. One of the biggest things that pisses me off are Phone Tech support people. Fuckers.

So I called my mom, she said I could get a new one this weekend. Good thing too.

I threw the old one away this morning.

I also moved the server to it’s new home this morning, we’ll see if it works…

I’ve had quite the time getting it to work here. I brought it in, plugged it in, put in it’s new RAM (512Megs) and booted it up. It came up just fine, I changed everything (IP’s, named, httpd, etc) and tried getting to another computer in the building, it didn’t work… It took me about an hour before I realized I was using a CAT-3 cable instead of a CAT-5 cable and that was the problem, so I changed the cables and everything works now… Good times.

I’ve got alot to do tonight, and I don’t have a monitor in my dorm room. Damnit

I’ve figured that I’ll move home this weekend, come back up monday afternoon for my final, go to GLRC, come back Tuesday afternoon for my other final, then work Thursday from 8 – 5 and go to my review session Thursday night, then I’ll drive back up Friday morning for my last final and work tell 3, then meet Adam at 3 and be off to somewhere land… Good times.

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