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So that was fast… I got my DNS server changed over and everything appears to be working… Wow that ws fast.

It does however appear that isn’t working quite yet, I haven’t checked the other sub-domains but those I don’t really care about.

So not much really going on here, I’m in major pain, I couldn’t sleep last night, so I tried studying for my business law test that’s this morning, in an hour and a half. I didn’t have my note-book so I didn’t know what pages to read, it sucked. So I didn’t really get all that much studying done anyhows. Oh well.

I do however have a copy of the older test (which last time was the same test he gave us, and no, I didn’t steal it, I got it off e-reservere, thanks!) and the answers, but I just got those this morning. So I haven’t had much time to read them over, I’m going to go do that once I get done here.

I’m moving out tonight, it’s all good.

There’s some REALLY hot boy standing next to me and I just want to stare at him, he looks pretty gay, but I don’t know, he’s reading some sports website. Can’t I take him to the bathroom to find out?? Please?

Wow he’s hot. I want to be hot like him.

But I do look pretty damn cute today, I’m proud. I’m wearing this one shirt that I didn’t really like all that much at the store, but Adam made me buy it, I like it now. It’s cute.

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I feel for you. But remember most cute boys aren’t worth the trouble, don’t be shocked if his intelligence rates with that of a dog. Damn, why do the really hot ones usually have to be straight and stupid.

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