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Crazy Weekend Fun

So this weekend has been really great, Adam and I did lots of stuff, don’t really remember most of it… But here’s what we did yesterday.

Saturday night Adam stayed at my house and we camped out in my back yard, that was tons of fun, we also had a fire and all that good shit. Sunday morning we got up and did some stuff arond my house and then we went off to Big Creek to hike around, we did that for a while and then we went canoeing, we went all the way across big creek and back, it took us about an hour total, after that we went to saylorville and walked around a bit. From there we went to his house, washed our cars, then went swimming at the Y. That put us at about 630 or so, from there we went and got supper, and headed back to his house to just hang out.

It was a really great weekend, but now I have posion ivy, and I’m burnt as hell..

I’m off to take my second final now… I got a 40/50 on my first one, I was proud.

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