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So for some reason after I upgraded my RAM I had to re-install WinXP, I didn’t like that but whatever. I’ve got it working now and on the internet. It’s all good. For some reason though I can’t get my Linux box to see the internal network, I gave it the IP of 192.168.0.* but it still doesn’t work… Very odd, I’m pretty sure that’s the IP range for home users, or whatever, but if it’s not leave me a message and tell me, eh.

Also sorry about the not working, I don’t know why that is, but works. I’ll look into that on Thursday when I go into work.

Last night was great fun, I went up to ISU about 10:30, stopped into work to restart my computer and then headed off to campus. I got there and went to my Second Final, after that I went back and moved the rest of my stuff out of my dorm room. As I was moving out, Ben a REALLY hot guy on my floory, talked to me for a bit, that was an exciting part of my day, lol. From there I headed back home, emptied out my car, changed and then headed off to Adam’s. We hung out for a while and then went off to the GLRC. It was good times there, we watched the debate from ISU about same-sex marrage. It was amusing, not many people watched it but the ones that did talked about it alot, so it was good times…

From there we went off to Java Joe’s. There weren’t many people there though and that was sad, but still we had a really fun time. Adam and I had bought a plan thing and we flew it off the parking garages and around in front of Java Joe’s, there were a bunch of people out there too, and when we left Adam just handed it to some guy, he seemed to be amused or something, perhaps scared…. lol

By the time we left there it was 10:00, so we were all a bit late in getting home. Oh well. As we were pulling into Adam’s house area, he stopped a ways back and leaned over and kissed me and hugged me, that really reminded me of last summer, cause that was the last time we had to do that. Brings back old memories.

I guess Angel is back in town. It’s really really nice of her to call fer friends and tell them that. You know, after everything that Adam went though when she left the first time…. But ever since Christmas she hasn’t called us, everytime we call her, she doesn’t answer her phone, and she doesn’t return our calls, she doesn’t return our e-mails, she doesn’t do shit, what did we do to her?? What I ask. And then she comes back and doesn’t even bother to call us, or tell e-mail us or anything telling us that she’s back. Grrrr. That really pisses me off.

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