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Sunday Night

So, Sunday night was very nice. Dustin got there about 7:15ish and I made dinner and we hung out for the night. It was very cool.

Sadly, he parked infront of a fire hyrand and got a ticket. 🙁 Poor him.

My Romance Scope today says: “Let the games begin on Thursday and continue throughout the weekend. The Moon is inviting a big-hearted, playful person into your life. Don’t bother with the sophisticated intellectual stuff. Permit yourself to be like an innocent kid who’s landed in an emotional candy store.” haha.

Today is not starting out so well at work. But I’m hanging out with Dustin again tonight.

Wed I’m going to spend the day in Santa Monica, there are some good open houses that day. I have 6 potential places. 🙂

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Did I miss intrepret, but I thought you were going to move above your bosses place ?

Good thing there was no fire, cause some fire departments will break out car windows to get the hose to the hydrant.

That was just a possible place to live, but now that I’m going to be working in the Santa Monica office the commute from there will be nearly an hour every day. I do NOT want to do that!

And yeah, it is a good thing. But maybe that would promote Dusty to get a new car… He drives a real beater. lol. Poor thing though.

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