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He’s only 14!?!

I’m so out of money right now! It all just disappears anymore. I’ve gotta start paying more attention! I did find $2 in my bathroom this morning though, so that’s good. haha.

Some guy is running up and down the stairs in his speedo.. Very random!

So, Friday. Robert, Dustin and I all went to that play. “Into the woods”. It was really good. It ended up being at this random HS, but that’s ok. They still did a good job. One of the mainish guys though. Yum yum! He had long blond hair, blue eyes, just amazing to look at. I figured he was probably like a senior or something, since he had such a main part… Come to find out, he was only 14! I’m such a bad person. :'(

After that we all headed down to H mary’s. Hung out there for a while and then Joel and Ryan came, they said they wanted to go to the boom instead, so we all rode down there together. Had a really fun time, the 1st place winner of the Wet Undies contest bought us all drinks, so that was cool. Left there and came back to my place. Hung out for a while and then Ryan and Joel left.

Dustin and Robert spent the night.. Dustin in my bed. 😉 Got up late saturday morning and I showered real quick and then Joel and Ryan picked us up. Roberts truck had been towed, so he had to figure that shit out. That really sucks though, but I’ve warned him before about parking inside the gates. We all dropped Dustin off at his car in Newport Beach and then we headed up to Santa Monica to do apartment hunting.

That didn’t go so well… everything is WAY too expensive.

Got home and I hung out for a while and went grocery shopping. Came home and fell asleep by like 7. Sunday I woke up about 8 and did laundry.. 10 fucking loads! And have spent the rest of the day just cleaning and starting the packing process. Dustin’s coming over at 6, so that’ll be fun. Then this week so far I have Tuesday is tennis with Ryan, Wed is a BBQ “the guys”. So yeah. And then next Saturday it’s back to Santa Monica for more apartment hunting. My goal is to find something next weekend.


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hmm.. my friend got an apartment in santa monica called the plaza. it was by colorado and cloverfield. it was a pretty cool place and practical too since there was a Ralphs right next door (they even allowed you to bring the carts up to your apartment). anyway not too sure how much rent is but it’s worth checking out 🙂

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