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Where are my KEYS?!

Ugh, so you want to know how my day yesterday was? And so far how my day today is going?… Well here’s a story for you:

So yesterday, I spent the day up in Santa Monica, nothing major it was a good day, just stressful.

Drive back to Orange with JP, get out of his truck and go to get out my keys to get into my car.. They aren’t in my pocket… OMG?! Where are they. I start freaking out. We look all over his truck, they aren’t there. We call the people in Santa Monica and they look around the office there. Nothing… I tear EVERYTHING out of my backpack and there is NOTHING there either.

So at this point, I call Andrew to come get me and drive me back to my apartment in Aliso. He does that, and as I’m getting my extra set of keys, I remember…..

I ALWAYS carry an extra key in my wallet. So anyways, we drive back to Orange, I get in my car AND….

THERE ARE MY KEYS hanging from the fucking ignition!!!! OMG, Shoot me!

So we drive back to Chapman and then Andrew and I went out to dinner. I go home and then just go to bed.

Today has been proving so far to be just as bad.

DNS is being a fucking whore scum somewhere. People are still being directed to my OLD site even though I’ve updated DNS like 4 days ago. I’m really not sure why either, the longest people should have TTL should be like 1 day at most! And then the damn comments aren’t working on the new site either. Something about my damn htaccess file being wrong I guess. Grrrrrrrrrr.

In good news though, second date with Dustin on Sunday! Andrew’s trying to steal him from me. 🙁

I also wanted to say… Do you ever get an e-mail from a Co-Worker and want to just reply with: “You’re a fucking idiot, shut the fuck up”. Haha, because I do right now.

I’m out.

3 replies on “Where are my KEYS?!”

I hate it when I lose my keys too. I also carry a spare in my wallet, but like when I go running or something like that I don’t carry wallet.

Have a good weekend.

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