25 MPH Gusting to 35!! Crazy WINDS!

Soooo, Friday we had some CRAZY fucking winds. I mean 25 mph alllll day long, gusting to 35. Redic! You couldn’t hardly walk. The beach was going crazy! Waves SOOO big! IT was even foaming and stuff!

Constantine came over and we got some pics and stuff which are here. We also took some video with his nice camera, but don’t have the cable to transfer it. I’ll post that once it’s up.

From there we headed out to dinner. Went to this new place down the street. We get there at 6:45 and I ask our waitress if it’s still Happy hour because outside I could have swore the sign said “Happy hour 5-7”. But the menus said “5-6”. She said “No”. So I went outside to check and the sign DID say 5-7!!! Liar! It was pretty good food though overall.

Came back to my place after that and I think we just hung out here. I can’t remember for sure! It’s been a busy weekend!

Got up Saturday and headed up to H&M at the beverly center. Met up with Charles Phoenix there to pick up the video of him on The Martha Stewart Show. Also bought lots of cute clothes for our Europe trip! Headed back to my place after that, but Jason called and asked if we wanted to go flying. So we did that. Tons of fun! It was a wonderful day! Got back to my place and watched North Country. It was a really sad movie! But very good.

Jason picked us up after that and we went over to his place and had tacos and lots of drinks and played cards and had a jolly old time! Probably one of the best dinner parties I’ve ever been too. The card games were tons of fun!

Sunday Constantine and I got up and he left cause he needed to do his Photo project. So I lounged around the house. I found a Camry Hybrid online for sale, so I called about it. It was the same place as a car I had called about on Friday and the guy was a total ass about it. I was like, why should I drive an hour and a half if you arent’ willing to negotiate with me on the phone. Anyways, the guy was super nice on Sunday when I called, so Jason, Steve and I headed up there. Long story short. The guy was a total ass in person too. So we left. I was uber pissed after that. Stopped at the In & Out by the airport and watched planes for a while. Headed home after that.

[private]I have to admit that I was a little annoyed that night with Constantine. I found out that he went out climbing and movie watching with his friends. And he knows how much I’ve been wanting to meet them, so that he didn’t call and invite me to go with me hurt a little… So I didn’t get to sleep till 11 cause I was annoyed about it. [/private]

Overall it was an excellent weekend!!!!

Back in LA…

Edit:// Photos from the weekend

Well, it was a really long weekend, but very good stuff too.

So Friday after the Library, I went home and played with Gordy and then took a nap for a while. That afternoon my Dad and I went out looking at some for sale by owner duplexes. One of them was really nice but WAY overpriced, so that sucked. Then we spent forever trying to find this other place on SW43rd Street. We finally found that place on Monday afternoon and it wasn’t worth all the work to find.

After that we and met up with the whole family and ate dinner at Hu-Hot! Yum! I love that place. My Gma, the two aunts, cousin and the child were there along with my family. Kinda crazyness but it was fun. After that went over to the cousin’s place and ate ice cream and hung out for a while. Headed home about 8:30ish? Went to bed early that night and just crashed.

Got up Saturday morning and ate breakfast then went up to the square for Kiwanis days. That was fun although the crowd was REALLY small this year compared to the last time I was there. That was sad, but there really wasn’t anything drawing people out to the events. :'( It was so strange to be back there and see all these people that I hardly even recognized any more.

That afternoon we headed out and met up with our Realtor. Saw some SHITTY ass houses and very scary tenants. One place had this Mexican guy in it and we were wondering around looking and we’re like. “Where’s the bathroom”… “It’s in the hallways, shared by this whole floor”… GROSS!

Most of these were on the south and south east sides of DM, so the not so nice areas anyways. One of them we thought we had hit the jackpot though as we’re driving down the street by the old Chat Noir. They were some really nice homes on that street and then we crossed over the the block that the place we were looking at was on and it all went down hill from there. This place was a 6 units stuffed into an old single family house and the deck to get up to the second floor was in the neighbors yard!! What a mess.

Got done with that about 6 and went home and ate pizza for dinner from Papa’s in PC. After that Oksana came over and we headed down to Java Joe’s and met up with Angel and her boyfriend. I also random ran into Sarah who I worked with at Krell. I thought she had moved to Phoenix, so we’re walking down the street and this group of girls walks by and I’m like. “I KNOW YOU!” And she screams and runs over and gives me a big hug! It was crazy. I guess she moved back to DM cause she didn’t like Phoenix. That sucks. Anyways, we all walked down to the new riverwalk which is SOO pretty then to Buzzard Billy’s and ate Crocodile! Yum Yum!

Sunday I got up early and we were off looking at houses again. Sunday proved to be much better day. Found 4 that I think are pretty good. I have to run the numbers and what not and still waiting for info from the Realtor about actual rents and stuff. Cause one guy says he’s making $900/month on each unit, but I think he should be able to only get about $750 a month for them. So we’ve gotta find out about that, plus he clearly doesn’t have certs because the stairways aren’t up to code, etc. But I think it’d be worth it to make offers on two of them and if those two don’t go through make offers on the other two.

Sunday afternoon my mom and I went to the Renaissance Fair in DM which was tons of fun and then we went over to the Fair grounds and chatted with the Cousin and Aunt for a while. Headed home from there and then went out to get dinner. Ate at some place in Altoona and had excellent Prime Rib! Oh was it ever good!

Got home from that and went to bed. Monday I got up and packed and then my dad and I headed out and checked out one last place. It was ok, but not great. Headed home and spent the rest of the day talking about what we had seen and what not. Left for the airport about 4. Got there and of course we were delayed. Needed Oil for the plane or something. Then we got to MSP and the flight there was delayed as well because some idiot was smoking in the bathroom even before the plane took off! Who does that shit!?!

Got into LAX about 11 and went straight to bed when I got home. Adios!

Sleeping in an Airport is NOT FUN!

So far this trip has been a DISASTER!

It’s now Friday morning, 5am… I’m _STILL_ not in DM!!!!!

That’s right. I was suppposed to have been in DM at 11pm last night… So the flight from LAX to MN was ok for the most part. There was some FAT, and I mean _HUGE_ woman in front of me with her screaming child, my iPod died half way through the flight and then we circle MN for about 30 minutes before landing.

We get to the gate nearly 40 minutes late and for some reason they aren’t ready for us! There’s not a plane there or anything, they just aren’t ready. So then we get off the plane and everyone is slow and by this time I have about 10 minutes to get from this plane to the next.

I get off the plane and ask the woman if my flight is still on time and what gate it’s at.

Of COURSE it’s on the Oppisite end of the fucking airport, and for some stupid reason the tram is out of order! So I run in my sandles and two bags all the way across the airport. Get to my new gate and the fuckers haven’t even started loading.

Then things turn for the worse. We sit there for nearly 40 minutes…. announcement. “This flight is being cancelled till morning due to weather.”

UGH UGH UGH UGH! Shoooooot MEEEeeeee!

So we get off the plane. The next flight is at 7:10am. I find a couple of other guys who are going to drive down and rent a car.

BUT!!! Because it’s weather related the airline apparently won’t pay for ANYTHING. No hotel room, no food, no car, no NOTHING, not even a “sorry about this fucking mess” coupon! ASSHOLES!

Soooo, THEN we find out that the luggage handlers have already gone home and there’s apparently NO ONE in the whole airport who can do it, so now the guys don’t want to leave without thier luggage because, since it’s WEATHER DELAY the airline won’t fucking deliver it. UGH!

So I end up fucking sleeping on a couch in the airport for the night. I freeze my ass off, they’ve got annoying ass music playing all night, warnings about F’ing security alert levels, and the lights don’t f’ing go off at ALL!


Ohhhh, and to top it all off, I haven’t had anything to eat since 3pm yesterday because I was expecting to get home and eat the leftovers from my dad’s cooking… And of COURSE by the time I find out that I’m not going to be home, EVERYTHING is closed except for McDonalds!

Spending Money…

What’s wrong with me!

I just wanna spend spend spend spend.. And SPEND on big ticket items.

First I got this idea to buy apartments. Great investment right… I can’t, well I can, but I don’t wanna do it alone. So I ask my dad. He’s being SLOOOOOW. Can’t find a place.. So then….

I got this idea in my head to buy a truck! Ohhh, how much fun it’d be. I love the idea. I still do, I still REALLY want a truck. But, I have a new idea.

LAND! And lots of it!

I want LAND LAND LAND. Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Alaska!!! Oh my god, It’d be cool. Rent it out for vacations, hunting, grazing rights, etc. Make money. Have a place to go and relax.

Are either of these practical? No!

But you see. I have this money. And lots of it. Burning this GIANT hole in my pockets! I wanna spend it! But I want to spend it on something that’ll make me money!

I put $1,000 into Prosper today. Maybe if that works out I’ll put a lot more there!!

Money! Money! Money! I want more of it!

What’s wrong with me! ::whines::

I just want to invest right now, so that I don’t have to really worry about money once I hit 35ish. I gotta get married damnit, that’ll help! I could sure use the extra monthly money that would provide. Any takers?!

j/k. Of course I’m not gonna get married just for the money!

I also need to buy a property so that I can take the deductions. F’ing Government is taking $1,000 out of EVERY PAYCHECK now! That’s $2,000 a MONTH in taxes I have to f’ing pay!

(Damn, I’m complaining a lot, eh? I need to write you an entry about the good shit that’s going on in my life… !) Maybe tomorrow!

San Simeon and Hearst Castle

What a weekend!

The group (Me, Constantine, Eric, Mok, Robert, Bill, Nina, Sirin) gathered up Friday afternoon and we headed out to San Simeon State Park. There were some issues getting the truck all loaded up. Mainly we had WAY too much shit to pack into a tiny ass SUV. Thankfully Bill brought a big ass van along! So the two trucks got us and all our shit there and back.

Getting out of town is no easy task on a Friday afternoon. We rolled out of my place at 2:30. We rolled into the camp site a full 7 hours later…. Now you’re probably asking yourself, well how far away is San Simeon? It’s a mere 250 miles. It was a parking lot all the way from here to Santa Barbara basically! Horrible! And of course I was driving and you all know how much I hate traffic!

Once we got there we got everything unloaded and I cooked the Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich for dinner. Everyone seemed to really like it. After that everyone had some drinks. I went to bed, everyone else stayed up and got drunk.

Saturday morning I got up early and started breakfast, cinnamon French toast! It was delicious! After breakfast we all gathered up and headed out to Hearst Castle. That place was just amazing. If you haven’t been there you have to go! I really want to go back now and do the rest of the tours, especially the twilight tour! It’s just crazy that one guy would spend so much money building this huge castle in the middle of no where with so much art and stuff.

From there we headed back to the campsite, ate lunch and then hit up the beach. The beach was SOOOOOOO relaxing. It was just our group there and the boys were playing football and running around on the beach, some of us laid on the beach and tanned and talked and read. We stayed till 4:30 or 5 and then headed back to the camp site.

That night we made Build-Your-Own Chicken for dinner. It was amazing to say the least. 🙂 We also got very very drunk!

Sunday morning I woke up about 7, but laid in bed till 8. Got up and what a MESS there was outside. Damn drunk campers! Constantine and I cleaned that up and then started breakfast and camp tear down. The smell of coffee woke everyone else up and they cooked their baggy eggs. We got camp torn down and then headed home. Traffic YET AGAIN! It took another 6 hours to make the 250 mile trek home. Ugh!

The total came out to $100/person. Which is both cheap and expensive I think. The big factors though were gas at $238 and Hearst Castle which cost $200, food was $200 and the truck rental $125.

Over all the trip was a HUGE success. I am going to try and plan another one for mid-August, although that might be too soon. We’ll see. Perhaps it’ll be a mini-trip.

San Simeon State Park and Heast Castle Pictures

In other news, I found this great story before we left…Fit Nation: The Obesity Fight.