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  • 25 MPH Gusting to 35!! Crazy WINDS!

    Soooo, Friday we had some CRAZY fucking winds. I mean 25 mph alllll day long, gusting to 35. Redic! You couldn’t hardly walk. The beach was going crazy! Waves SOOO big! IT was even foaming and stuff! Constantine came over and we got some pics and stuff which are here. We also took some video […]

  • Back in LA…

    Edit:// Photos from the weekend… Well, it was a really long weekend, but very good stuff too. So Friday after the Library, I went home and played with Gordy and then took a nap for a while. That afternoon my Dad and I went out looking at some for sale by owner duplexes. One of […]

  • Sleeping in an Airport is NOT FUN!

    So far this trip has been a DISASTER! It’s now Friday morning, 5am… I’m _STILL_ not in DM!!!!! That’s right. I was suppposed to have been in DM at 11pm last night… So the flight from LAX to MN was ok for the most part. There was some FAT, and I mean _HUGE_ woman in […]

  • Spending Money…

    What’s wrong with me! I just wanna spend spend spend spend.. And SPEND on big ticket items. First I got this idea to buy apartments. Great investment right… I can’t, well I can, but I don’t wanna do it alone. So I ask my dad. He’s being SLOOOOOW. Can’t find a place.. So then…. I […]

  • San Simeon and Hearst Castle

    What a weekend! The group (Me, Constantine, Eric, Mok, Robert, Bill, Nina, Sirin) gathered up Friday afternoon and we headed out to San Simeon State Park. There were some issues getting the truck all loaded up. Mainly we had WAY too much shit to pack into a tiny ass SUV. Thankfully Bill brought a big […]