Sleeping in an Airport is NOT FUN!

So far this trip has been a DISASTER!

It’s now Friday morning, 5am… I’m _STILL_ not in DM!!!!!

That’s right. I was suppposed to have been in DM at 11pm last night… So the flight from LAX to MN was ok for the most part. There was some FAT, and I mean _HUGE_ woman in front of me with her screaming child, my iPod died half way through the flight and then we circle MN for about 30 minutes before landing.

We get to the gate nearly 40 minutes late and for some reason they aren’t ready for us! There’s not a plane there or anything, they just aren’t ready. So then we get off the plane and everyone is slow and by this time I have about 10 minutes to get from this plane to the next.

I get off the plane and ask the woman if my flight is still on time and what gate it’s at.

Of COURSE it’s on the Oppisite end of the fucking airport, and for some stupid reason the tram is out of order! So I run in my sandles and two bags all the way across the airport. Get to my new gate and the fuckers haven’t even started loading.

Then things turn for the worse. We sit there for nearly 40 minutes…. announcement. “This flight is being cancelled till morning due to weather.”

UGH UGH UGH UGH! Shoooooot MEEEeeeee!

So we get off the plane. The next flight is at 7:10am. I find a couple of other guys who are going to drive down and rent a car.

BUT!!! Because it’s weather related the airline apparently won’t pay for ANYTHING. No hotel room, no food, no car, no NOTHING, not even a “sorry about this fucking mess” coupon! ASSHOLES!

Soooo, THEN we find out that the luggage handlers have already gone home and there’s apparently NO ONE in the whole airport who can do it, so now the guys don’t want to leave without thier luggage because, since it’s WEATHER DELAY the airline won’t fucking deliver it. UGH!

So I end up fucking sleeping on a couch in the airport for the night. I freeze my ass off, they’ve got annoying ass music playing all night, warnings about F’ing security alert levels, and the lights don’t f’ing go off at ALL!


Ohhhh, and to top it all off, I haven’t had anything to eat since 3pm yesterday because I was expecting to get home and eat the leftovers from my dad’s cooking… And of COURSE by the time I find out that I’m not going to be home, EVERYTHING is closed except for McDonalds!

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