New iPhone like iPod!!!!

Today I was reading more about the whole gay marrigae thing in Iowa and found out that it was two Iowa State Students that got married. Pretty cool if you ask me. When I heard it was just one couple that got married. I immediately thought that it was some older couple that had been together for years and years and years. It typically is. But it’s just cool to know that there’s now a gay married couple on the campus that I used to go to. It’d be interesting to follow them for the next 5 years or so and see if they stay together.

I was also reading the post from two years ago today… I had completely forgotten that Blake ever spent the night at my place or anything. I still wonder what was up with that guy. Did he really lie about all that stuff? Or what’s going on. Sometimes I still want to just IM him and talk or what not. Go up to Bako and see if he really does exist up there. Hahah.

In other news, heading back to Iowa this weekend. As I’ve said before it’s mostly business trip, but it’ll be good to see the family and friends and what not.

Hmm. Had lots of other stuff to write about, but now I don’t have time… Adios!

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