BBQ and Kings Canyon

Wow. What a GREAT weekend!!

So Friday night was my BBQ. James, Sirin, Constantine, Mok, Nick and Dustin all came. Quite the turn out. I was a bit annoyed that everyone was so late, but we all had a GREAT time. I made a flaming Astro Weenie Pineapple and some Wonderful Green Punch!

We had some great convo and what not. Can’t wait for next time!

Saturday morning Constantine and I got up and headed out to Fresno. Traffic was Nooooooo problem, so we got there in no time. We were checked into the hotel by 3, so headed out to Sequoia National Park and did a quick whirl wind tour of the park. Hit all the highlights and got up to the top of Morro just as the sun was starting to set. So that was pretty cool. There was probably another 45 minutes of light left, so we didn’t stay up there… Kinda funny though cause there was this asian guy in the parking lot waxing his car. Why would you WAX your car in the middle of a fucking national park? Crazy asians!

Headed back to the hotel after that, did a quick detour to a porn store where we picked up some massage oil and then did a stop at Denny’s for dinner. Got back to the hotel about 9:30 or 10ish. Did massages and then went to bed.

Got up Sunday morning at 8:30. Did breakfast at the hotel and then headed out to Kings Canyon. Got there with about 30 minutes to spare before our Horseback riding so we wondered around a bit…. 2 hour horseback riding which was fun, but I got yelled at for passing and then Constantine’s horse kept wanting to gallop! The woman kept yelling at him for that. lol.

After that we headed deep into the park. That place is sooo pretty. Again we just hit the highlights of the park, went all the way to the road’s end and then came back. Saw some cool waterfalls and what not. I think it’d be really fun to do a backpacking trip back into the park. We left the park about 4 or 5 and headed out. His GPS unit kept freaking out on us, so we got a bit lost. It was a nice detour of the back country though, so that was fun. Stopped at Marie Calendars for dinner and then headed on home.

Got back here and crashed in bed. Got up this morning and went to Ikea and did some shopping then to Target. Got home from that and it was just too damn hot to do anything so we watched a really random movie called Perfume. The lead boy was hot, but oh my god. What a freaking CREEPY movie!

After the movie we went for a nice walk on the beach and then came back to my place. He had to leave so I’ve just been lounging around the house.

The scale at Ikea said I’m up to 180 pounds now! :'( I’m gonna have to work out pretty damn hard this week. I can’t have this! I can’t get fat!

Heading home at the end of the week too. So that’s going to be FUN! 🙂

Photos from the weekend are here

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