Trip is not yet better

But hopefully it will be…

It’s now nearly noon. I’ve been here since about 9:30 now. We were supposed to take off from MSP at 7:10… What time did we really leave you ask? 8:10!!!

We sat in line on the tarmac for an HOUR waiting for all the other planes to take off. Very annoying. I can’t believe they get away with this shit. And they wonder why they are losing money. It’s the HORRIBLE service. Maybe if the people who run the airlines would actually use them.

The flight attendant on our flight was speechless when we all told her that the airline didn’t do ANYTHING to help us out when we were stranded. She was like, “They didn’t even give you toothpaste or anything?!?!” It was kinda funny. Apparently this is all new because of the new owners of Northwest or something.

UGH! So anyways, now I’m at the library (the only place I have in this area that I can get free highspeed internet) where there are TONS of children running around SCREAMING. What happened to the days of getting yelled at if you talked over a whisper in the library?!?!?

Now I’m gonna go home and try and nap before this afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Trip is not yet better”

  1. …wow… Poor you. Hopefully the return isn’t so bad! I flew Sun Country last year, which is apparently a subsidiary of Northwest, and it was excellent. Northwest is also the airline that I’ve always heard the best about. Sounds like the new owners aren’t living up to that. Keep on doin’.

  2. Yeah, They are apparently really going down hill. As are most of the airlines though really. I mean, seriously!

    I had never heard of Sun Country. I’ll have to check them out.

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