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  • His Return

    Constantine arrives at LAX in 5 hours. My stomach has been going crazy all day with butterflies. I am very nervous for his return. How will I feel! How will he feel? I’m going crazy! I have lots of stuff planned for the weekend, so I really hope that things go well. I’m pretty sure […]

  • Training

    Ugh! Yesterday was a really bad day for me… First the accident. Then I get to training and he comes in and basically starts with a pop-quiz… Picks me first and starts asking all these questions about databases and shit. Stuff I would have known back in college. Stuff that I know the concepts to, […]

  • American Airlines’ Reply

    So, after I got back from my trip, I sent American Airlines the following complaint: Hello, I am writing about my Flight on December 20 from LAX to DFW to DSM. My flight was supposed to get me to my home on the night of December 20th. However, I did not arrive until 2 days […]

  • Prague and Vienna Photo Tour Movies

    Well I’ve been spending a lot of my free time arranging these and going through all 1,500 photos. But here’s a movie of my favorite sites in Prague and Vienna. You can download the FULL movie here. (Please note, it’s 350megs, so it’ll take a while). Or watch it individually in the following two youtube […]

  • Prague Wrap Up

    Ok, So where to start with this trip! This is going to be one long as entry probably. Unless I get lazy! Wed Nov 14th we packed up and headed to the airport. Got there and got through security with no problems. We were extra early because of the shuttle bus thing, but it really […]