Prostitutes in Germany

So remember that time I told you about how I stood outside a whore house for an hour? Well JDub wrote a nice blog about the exact place, and some of the girls. Go read it.

Summer is still months away, but this morning I drove past two gas stations that were 3.09 for regular gas… UGH! Not already! This has really got me started thinking about buying a hybrid again. I’m guessing that gas will be over $4 a gallon by the summer months. I found a nice Civic Hybrid with just over 1,200 miles for 20k on craigslist. I really want it! 🙁

Speaking of cars, my very first credit card was a GM Card. I haven’t used it since 2004, but I still get mailings and what not. I have about $200 in “car credit” or whatever it’s called on that card. Which means I can use that $200 towards any GM car. Well, the other day I got a mailing saying they would add $1,500 onto that. So it’s basically a FREE 1,700 down payment or what not. So I started looking through the GM cars.. It’s really sad, because there’s not a SINGLE car that I found that I would be willing to buy! And they wonder why they are going broke.

My company website is coming along. I’m having a really hard time writing things about my past work. It’s so hard to write about it and stuff. Ugh. Anyways, along with that I’ve been hard core checking out the Gigs section. I really hate when people write things like this: “We are not interested in someone writing the code on their own without our presence.” If you can’t trust your programmer then get out of it. My god, I do NOT work well with someone sitting over my shoulder saying. “Do this, do that” blah blah blah.

I bought a MegaMillions ticket.. sadly I’m not a multi-millionaire! 🙁

Ben’s coming over tonight and the weekend is packed. I’m thinking about taking tomorrow as a comp day. We’ll see. Later!

Paris Hilton Gets Arrested again…

UGH! I just had a huge post here about stuff… And then my computer froze. That’s what happens when you are running 8 million applications.. UGH!

So I will try to recreate now:

Ok, the last week or so has been UBER stressful at work. Lots of high priority projects all due at the same time and people blasting me for stuff to be done yesterday basically.

Anyways, so last night was a night to go blow off some steam. Ben, Jason, some guy from TN named Robert and I all went out to dinner in WeHo. Went to Marix and had a couple drinks and all you can eat tacos. Very yummmy. After that we walked over to Fiesta Cantina and chatted it up and had a good time. About 11ish we all got in the car and were driving to Beige when Jason screams. “There’s Paris Hilton“. She had been pulled over yet again. And we were some of the first to see… No cameras or anything yet even. What a stupid bitch.

Beige was tons of fun. No Asian to deal with, some random black girls came and joined us and we all had a great night.

Got home about 2:30ish and crashed. I woke up at 7am and my door was standing wide open again. I really have to remember to lock that sucker. I’m surprised that my cats haven’t run away one of these times. Drove into work at 10am and some idiot decided it’d be smart to close half the freeway to do bridge inspections. UGH.

The other night Ben and I watched notes on a scandal.

Ok, the rest is just going to be interesting links:

405 The Movie. Very funny

Bill to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ coming. Lets hope this passes!

RedBull NASCAR Team is HOT!

101 Amazing Earth Facts. Very cool read.

Crazy Gas Station. I will attempt to find this in LA!

Gadget Theft. Very cool service. I’ll have to sign up for it for my next iPod.

I know I’m forgetting a ton of stuff that I wanted to write about but… That is all for now…

Another Celeb

This week has been hectic crazy. I’ve been putting off so much stuff and have way to much to do.

I’m really scared about this 100 mile ride yesterday. Its going to be in the 50’s when we start and in the 70’s midday, plus the whole riding 100 miles. UGH!

So lets see. Tuesday the trio ended up going out to Beige again, so that was exciting. We were standing like 3 feet from Lance Bass. Very exciting. Of course you know who was there, we ignored him again. I will not let him run me out of the place I enjoy hanging out at.

Wed I slept in a little and then got up and went to work in NB. Didn’t get in till 11 again and worked till 7pm. It was a crazy day and for some reason everything on my mac kept freezing and dying randomly! I think it’s probably because I had nearly every application open! I talked to the boss about getting me more RAM again, but he didn’t seem very enthused about doing it. That night I went home and crashed right away. I was so tired. I didn’t even bother taking my laptop home!

Thursday I was back in NB at 6am, and it was another crazy day of website changes, etc. That night Ben came over and we hung out for a while. That was nice, he even gave me a massage! 🙂

I even have an actual V-day date for the first time in years! 😀 Yay!

So, I’ve been trying to avoid this, but Anna Nicole Smith is dead! Kinda random, out of the blue. But really not a big surprise. The annoying thing is though that my RSS reader has about 800 stories about it.

Today I’ve got so much to do before heading out to PS. Ugh! I’m out. Later.


I got a summons to jury duty…. UGH! I’ve done so good at not getting those damn things! But my luch has finially run out! It starts in last Feb and the thing says is expected to last 5 months! Holy cow!

When I got the envelope and saw “District Court of LA” or what not. I was scared out of my mind. I was like, “Oh GOD! The feds caught me!”

This is a really boring but very interesting video about math in education. I highly suggest you watch it:

And this is a really cool video about the stress testing a Boeing 777 undergoes.

Do you hate those damn speed traps? Check out this CopSpy seems a little out dated, but still cool and could become useful if enough people submit to it.

Google updated the satellite images of the DM area. Check them out.You can see amazing deatil now!

I bought a new domain yesterday. It was one that the VP threw out when he was rambling, and I liked the sound of it. So I bought it. is now mine! 🙂 Now, what to do with it?! If you have any good ideas, let me know!

They posted the Tour De Palm Springs elevation and route maps the other day… Check them out. I’m a bit scared!!

Tour De Palm Springs Route Map

Tour De Palm Springs Elevation Map

Tuesday night I went out with Mayko to Beige. We had a really good time and ended up chatting with these two random guys. Well, he talked to them, cause they were speaking Portugesse. 🙁 God I really need to learn another language, I feel so stupid around them! hahah. Either way, the 405S was closed yet AGAIN! Why do they always do this to me!? So I got home shortly after 2am and got up to go to work at 4:45. So I’ve had about 2.5 hours of sleep. Ugh!

Tonight I’m hanging out with this guy Ben, we’re doing sushi. Tomorrow I am having lunch with this guy Jimmy, and Friday I an having dinner with Stephen. Saturday I am going to stay home and do work which I’ve been neglecting and Sunday I have a bike ride in the morning, a lunch business meeting and then hopefully Mayko and I can go out and spend the last of my birthday money! 🙂

I also need to find time to get my ass to SMC and get my Student ID and find out about parking. I’m also getting really nervous about this class and wondering if I should change over to French…. 🙁

Why is it that when you have to mail something to a federal agency you have to pay for postage? All incoming and outgoing mail to ANY federal office should be FREE. “God damnit. I have a problem right there!” LOL Oh Mayko!

Ok, adios!

Walk Away

Mayko got me hooked on this song… It’s just so moving.

Oh no

Here comes that sun again

That means another day

Without you my friend

And it hurts me

To look into the mirror at myself

And it hurts even more

To have to be with somebody else

And its so hard to do

And so easy to say

But sometimes

Sometimes you just have to walk away

Walk away

With so many people

To love in my life

Why do I worry

About one

But you put the happy

In my ness

You put the good times

Into my fun

And its so hard to do

And so easy to say

But sometimes

Sometimes you just have to walk away

Walk away

And head for the door

Weve tried the goodbye

So many days

We walk in the same direction

So that we could never stray

They say if you love somebody

Than you have got to set them free

But I would rather be locked to you

Than live in this pain and misery

They say time will

Make all this go away

But its time that has taken my tomorrows

And turned them into yesterdays

And once again that rising sun

Is dropping on down

And once again you my friend

Are nowhere to be found

And its so hard to do

And so easy to say

But sometimes

Sometimes you just have to walk away

Walk away

And head for the door

You just walk away

Walk away

— Ben Harper