I got a summons to jury duty…. UGH! I’ve done so good at not getting those damn things! But my luch has finially run out! It starts in last Feb and the thing says is expected to last 5 months! Holy cow!

When I got the envelope and saw “District Court of LA” or what not. I was scared out of my mind. I was like, “Oh GOD! The feds caught me!”

This is a really boring but very interesting video about math in education. I highly suggest you watch it:

And this is a really cool video about the stress testing a Boeing 777 undergoes.

Do you hate those damn speed traps? Check out this CopSpy seems a little out dated, but still cool and could become useful if enough people submit to it.

Google updated the satellite images of the DM area. Check them out.You can see amazing deatil now!

I bought a new domain yesterday. It was one that the VP threw out when he was rambling, and I liked the sound of it. So I bought it. is now mine! 🙂 Now, what to do with it?! If you have any good ideas, let me know!

They posted the Tour De Palm Springs elevation and route maps the other day… Check them out. I’m a bit scared!!

Tour De Palm Springs Route Map

Tour De Palm Springs Elevation Map

Tuesday night I went out with Mayko to Beige. We had a really good time and ended up chatting with these two random guys. Well, he talked to them, cause they were speaking Portugesse. 🙁 God I really need to learn another language, I feel so stupid around them! hahah. Either way, the 405S was closed yet AGAIN! Why do they always do this to me!? So I got home shortly after 2am and got up to go to work at 4:45. So I’ve had about 2.5 hours of sleep. Ugh!

Tonight I’m hanging out with this guy Ben, we’re doing sushi. Tomorrow I am having lunch with this guy Jimmy, and Friday I an having dinner with Stephen. Saturday I am going to stay home and do work which I’ve been neglecting and Sunday I have a bike ride in the morning, a lunch business meeting and then hopefully Mayko and I can go out and spend the last of my birthday money! 🙂

I also need to find time to get my ass to SMC and get my Student ID and find out about parking. I’m also getting really nervous about this class and wondering if I should change over to French…. 🙁

Why is it that when you have to mail something to a federal agency you have to pay for postage? All incoming and outgoing mail to ANY federal office should be FREE. “God damnit. I have a problem right there!” LOL Oh Mayko!

Ok, adios!

2 thoughts on “Summons”

  1. I like that copspy website. Although the locations for Waterloo, the cops don’t really do those spots as much.

    Google is a lot better looking now of Des Moines.

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