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What the fuck is up with boys! You people will never believe who in the world txt messaged me today….. Anyone care to take a guess??






Well you’re all wrong! It was JAY! WTF?! I haven’t talked to this guy since freaking July, and now he randomly txts me to say Happy Birthday! Don’t get me wrong. It was nice and all, just WHY!? How random.

Thanks to everyone who called!

It was a good day overall though. I worked in Newport Beach and was infact given a fun sounding project. So that’s good news. I also worked on the whole getting permalinks working again on this host. It’s been one hell of a ride, but after posting in the wordpress forums they appear to finially be working on it! Thank god, because I really love permalinks! I also wish they’d fix the whole register_globals issue. Because having to put a php.ini file in EVERY DIRECTORY is a pain in the ass.

But if they don’t get these things fixed I’ll be leaving as soon as my contract is up. Which is in April.

I think Tues I’m going ot try YET AGAIN to get out to Beige. Mayko indicated he might be up for it if he doesn’t have much HW to do. So fingers crossed that I can go!

I was getting ready to leave the office on Monday, as in JUST getting ready to put my computer to sleep, and I get an IM. “You got a minute for a meeting”…. “Sure”…Long story short, two of the VP’s got into a HUGE yelling match, and it was them and me and one other guy in there.. Scary! One of the VPs ended up storming out of the conference room. I was scared and didn’t know what to do!

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