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I love my MacBook Pro. Everyone knows that. I would be LOST without her. But I have to admit I’m getting REALLY annoyed with Apple Mail lately.

For some reason spam has just been FLOODING me! HARD CORE flooding me. And it’s really getting annoying. I wish that Apple would build in some of the technologies that spam assassin uses. I sure hope that the next version is MUCH better at catching spam.

It’s also been crashing nearly every day! I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ve tried rebuilding my mailboxes like everyone says to do, and that just doesn’t help at all! Hopefully Apple is getting sick of all my bug reports and they will fix whatever the issue is!

I downloaded a preview of Leopard a while back and have to say that I love it. I used it for a while off my external HD, I’ll be out there the day it comes out buying the new version!

Friday night Robert came over about 9:45ish and we hung around here. Invited my neighbor girl and then headed out to Weho. Met up with Jason there and then later Mayko. It was a really good time. The neighbor girl and Mayko REALLY talked like the whole night away, it was funny. Either way, we hung out and ate pizza and had a great night. Sadly I kept forgetting to take pictures! 🙁

Saturday I got up and went and did laundry and then baked my cake. It didn’t turn out very well. 🙁 But it still tastes good. I spent the night at home alone….

Sunday I got up early and headed over to Mayko’s picked him up and we went out to the outlet malls. I got some good purchases, but I was hoping for more shirts, pants, etc. But I really love the few things we did buy. I still have $100 left of what I was going to spend out there. I need to buy new sandles for sure yet. My parents also called me to say Happy-Bday.

Drove him home about 4 and then came home and spent the night hanging out here.

So yeah, it was a pretty good birthday weekend, could have been more fun. But alas. Happy B-Day to me! 😀

My scope for today says this: “But we are subdued by an isolating opposition from warm Venus to cold Saturn that challenges our self-esteem and makes us wonder if we are truly loved.” So true…


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