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Prostitutes in Germany

So remember that time I told you about how I stood outside a whore house for an hour? Well JDub wrote a nice blog about the exact place, and some of the girls. Go read it.

Summer is still months away, but this morning I drove past two gas stations that were 3.09 for regular gas… UGH! Not already! This has really got me started thinking about buying a hybrid again. I’m guessing that gas will be over $4 a gallon by the summer months. I found a nice Civic Hybrid with just over 1,200 miles for 20k on craigslist. I really want it! 🙁

Speaking of cars, my very first credit card was a GM Card. I haven’t used it since 2004, but I still get mailings and what not. I have about $200 in “car credit” or whatever it’s called on that card. Which means I can use that $200 towards any GM car. Well, the other day I got a mailing saying they would add $1,500 onto that. So it’s basically a FREE 1,700 down payment or what not. So I started looking through the GM cars.. It’s really sad, because there’s not a SINGLE car that I found that I would be willing to buy! And they wonder why they are going broke.

My company website is coming along. I’m having a really hard time writing things about my past work. It’s so hard to write about it and stuff. Ugh. Anyways, along with that I’ve been hard core checking out the Gigs section. I really hate when people write things like this: “We are not interested in someone writing the code on their own without our presence.” If you can’t trust your programmer then get out of it. My god, I do NOT work well with someone sitting over my shoulder saying. “Do this, do that” blah blah blah.

I bought a MegaMillions ticket.. sadly I’m not a multi-millionaire! 🙁

Ben’s coming over tonight and the weekend is packed. I’m thinking about taking tomorrow as a comp day. We’ll see. Later!

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