Job Opening…

I just got this E-mail from the CEO:

There is a job opening at PHS for a cli-ops engineer. The job description is attached. Please let me know if you know someone that would be interested in this position. The position would be out of Santa Monica, not in Irvine. Note there is a referral award if you’re able to help find someone for this job.

Here’s the job description:

Job Title: Client Operations Engineer

Job Description

This position primarily entails loading patient health information into our proprietary disease management applications and then generating a report summarizing the data changes and sending it to the appropriate stakeholders. The loading of the data can be a flat file feed or can be a set of business rules defined by the client and documented in a business specification, whereby PL/SQL must be written to modify existing client data in the database. These imports / data processes occur on an ad hoc and regularly scheduled basis.

We currently use Oracle external tables with custom written PL/SQL, with some use of ETL for data transformations and data reads. We are moving towards utilizing an industrial ETL tool in 2007 that will handle scheduling, transformations, notifications and will work with our custom PL/SQL business processes to handle the complicated business rules defined by our clients.

This position will require coordinating data transfers and imports to and from external vendors using various technologies including: SFTP, Linux / Unix shell commands / Terminal Services, PL/SQL and ETL. It will require the ability to communicate current issues and project statuses to stakeholders, other development staff and external vendors. It will also require the drafting of technical specifications, as necessary and clear communication around all processes and reports.

Technical Qualifications

BS Computer Science preferred or equivalent

5 – 10 years related experience

Proficient in PL/SQL

Proficient in Unix / Linux

Strong relational database background

Oracle experience preferred

Secure FTP / SSH

Experience in HIPAA compliance a plus

Knowledge in Java / Java beans a plus

Experience with Data warehouses a plus

Preferred Business Skills

Detail-oriented / Self-Starter / Self-sufficient

Adapts quickly to a fast-paced environment

Focuses on results as opposed to tasks

Ability to handle several concurrent projects

Ability to translate technical specifications into code

Ability to identify gaps in technical specifications to ensure stored procedures meet client’s speculated end-results

Takes ownership of and demonstrates accountability for individual projects

Offers development suggestions to better meet the client’s needs

Ability to create Technical specification documents

Coordinates with QA manager for proper testing

Documents technical solutions for future usability

Umm. I’m sorry. Did you FORGET what you moved me to Santa Monica for, and then cut my funding for? AND now you are hiring a NEW PERSON for it? WTF?!

HELLO. I have all these qualifications.

Since I just got the e-mailt his morning, that means it hasn’t been posted on yet. You can be sure I’ll be watching that to see how much this person will be getting paid.

God I’m annoyed!

A private update?

Well, something upset me today.
In reading Chris’ journal from 2 years ago, I got upset with the stuff he had about Adam. Allt his stuff about being together forever.. pushing Arizona back to 2007…. talking about how great he is. ANd int he old journals, he always talks about how great Adam is, and how happy he is with him, and this and that, and that he’s just so wonderful and he loves to sit and talk to him.

I love you Adam. I’ll never let you go. You’ll always be on my mind. You’ll always be missed, every second we’re apart, your smile, your voice, you. You will always be with me, every where I go. I love you Adam.

That upset me the most. It is upsetting not only b/c he felt that way towards Adam, but also because he never wrote anything in his journal like that about me. There is nothing saying how much he loves me… nothing like what he used to write about Adam. And I guess I’m jealous. I just like to think that I’m a better b/f…. but sometimes the journal makes it seem like I’m not. Adam never did anything for him… I try to do everything. Adam was just an all around bad boyfriend, and I’d like to think I’m not…
It just upsets me, even though it’s stupid. i really should stop reading those 2 year ago ones. They just make me sad everysingle time I read them.

Whew. What a weekend.

Alrighty. I’m back. It was really hard to leave tonight. I’ll get to that later. But first….

Saturday morning I went shopping with my mom. I got my mom and my dad a DVD player, and I bought my brother a calander, and I got Adam something that I hope he’ll really like. It should be cool. I know he’s really into it, so he should like it. But yeah. Shopping with my mom just really annoys me. I won’t go into details, but we spent an hour and a half at Fraklin Covey in MHM. Now if you’ve ever been there, you know how small the store is, and well if you don’t know what it is, they sell datebooks to big rich business people. It’s the most boring store in the world. The only thing that kept me entertained was the hot guys walking by and the Palm Pilots. They were fun. And also, I have determinded that my mother should be given a Geo Metor, and she should not be allowed to drive a big fucking ass Truck thing. Yep.

We were supposed to be done shopping by 12, but of course we weren’t we didn’t get back tell like 2ish. So I went quickly over to Adam’s house, we went shopping too. I like shopping with him, we at least like looking at the same things. It was good times. Then that night we went to the Crystal Ball at AHS. That was sooooooooooooooo much fun, omg. Good fucking times. I was hit on my str8 girls, who were then very embarrased once they got pulled away and were told that I was in fact gay. And there were just so many cute guys there. But it was good fucking times. To much to really get into here. After that Adam and I went to my house and went hot tubing, the stars were so pretty, it was just amazing. After that we went into my house, and just sat there looking at the christmas tree talking about random things. It was good. I wished he could have stayed the night though, that would have been cool.

Then this morning I went over to his house, we went out. Did stuff, then we decided to highlight my hair. So we went to Wal-Mart and found some stuff, but the stuff I wanted to use didn’t have the cap. So I called Adam’s mom, she was at Wal-Mart too. We talked to her and got her opinion on things. I was going to highlight my hair blonde, then pull the cap off and then highlight it again with either red or blue, I think I might do that next weekend. I think it would look really cool. We’ll see. But yeah, we just highlighted my hair, and then Adam was like. “I want to dye my hair blonde.” So he did. It turned out really orange. But I think it looks good. It’s a nice change. He’s cute with it like that. We went and saw Tara and Jessica both of thier mouths dropped to the ground when they saw him. It was soo funny. His mom and Rob both freaked out. But good times. After we were done with that, we just hung out in his room and talked about more random things. We talked about moving to AZ, and our plans. We’ve now pushed the moving back to 2007. But things should still all work out right. I mean, it’ll be good. I can’t wait tell then.

Adam’s mom asked me to stay for supper, that was really nice of her, and it meant so much to me. I really like her dishes too. lol. She said we could have them when she gets new ones. lol. They’re so great. I love Adam’s family. After supper we went back into Adam’s room and talked some more, really good times there. I mean, we just laid there and talked, but that’s what I love doing so much with him, just laying there, looking into his eyes, talking about random things.

We got onto the topic of where would we be if we hadn’t met up. Where would we be right now. Well, I was going to go to PA to work this past summer, which means I never would have met Adam, and right now, I would have been in PA, going to school in Media, and I’d probably be sitting in my Apartment being all depressed or something. But also, if I hadn’t quite my job at camp then, where would I have been? Well. I’d probably either still be going to school in PA, or I would be here, in my dorm just sitting on my ass all weekend, every weekend. I never would have become so close to Adam if I hadn’t quit my job because of him. He’s the one that inspired me ot quit my job. I’m so glad that I met him, and that our lives have turned out the way that they have.

I love you Adam. I’ll never let you go. You’ll always be on my mind. You’ll always be missed, every second we’re apart, your smile, your voice, you. You will always be with me, every where I go. I love you Adam.