Author: Cj B

  • Jan 30, 2001

    So i got up this morening at 6 like i normally do, went to take my shower and got dressed by 6:45. then i sat down read my e-mail and such, checked the messages people left for me over night, yadda, yadda, then about 7:45 or so i went over to the TC to get […]

  • Jan 29, 2001

    it’s snowing again, it’s been raining all morning and now it’s snowing, yeah, rain and snow. great weather conditions, we’re suposed to get lik 13 inches tonight, yippy fun. well not much has been happening today, or really yesterday for that matter. it’s monday, nothing ever happens on mondays. or weds, or fridays, cause i […]

  • Jan 28, 2001

    danny and i talked for quite a while last night it was really nice, he’s got such a great voice, but he talks so soft sometimes it hard to understand what he says, i did find out one thing he’s got a dog named tyson (update 01-28-01: alright so i can’t here, he said dysson), […]

  • Jan 28, 2001

    ya know, usually i don’t think when i write these. i just sit down and type what’s on my mind, just what ever my fingers say. But yesterday, danny was reading these. and i went back and started readig some of them. ya know i think i obses a bit much, don’t i? well i […]

  • Jan 23, 2001

    B-day’s suck, they really really do suck, you know that. i really do hate b-days. for those that didn’t know yesterday was my b-day. asshole people. i hate b-days, my grandma remembered, my aunt’s and cousing remembered, well most of them. my parents, my dad remembered, he sent me a package, my mom, nope, she […]