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Aug 27, 2001 #2

Aug 27, #2 [BBMak, "Back Here"]

Ok so my Math 150 teacher is Russian, he has some funky ass name: Petr

Vojtechovsky. How in the hell do you pronounce that. It should be an interesting

semester with him, he seems amusing so far. They fucked up my schedule though,

this class isn’t supposed to have recitation with it, but it does, and the

recitation is the same time as my Lib 160 class, which I only have to go

to the first one for, but still, and I’m also supposed to be working at

that time. So in otherwords, I’m supposed to be in 3 places at once, so

I don’t know how that’ll work out.

My mechanic called my house today. I called them, and they said he was

at lunch and that he would call me back around 1:15. Well I waited here

tell 1:30 when I had to leave for a class and he still hadn’t called me

back. When I got back at 3 I called again, and they said he was in a meeting.

They took my phone number this time, and said he would call back in the

next hour or so. It’s been an hour and still nothing. Grrr. I’m never taking

my car back to them, and by the way, it’s Westside Auto Pros. Don’t go there.

I found out that we have call waiting here which will be cool, cause well

it’s call waiting.

I still don’t want to be here. I really don’t. I talked to Adam for a bit

today on-line. It seems he’s still having problems with the days as well.

Grrr. Hopefully things will get better though. Hopefully.

Horroscopes Lie: Aquarius is coming into an exciting

time of the month. Spirits and energy run high for the next few days, which

is a welcome change to the mood you’ve been experiencing. It’s fun to be

around people in love for once, especially if you’re one of them. During

this period of bliss, it’s important to remember that everyone comes from

a common ancestry. There are no enemies, aliens or even strangers. Your

motto for tonight should be ‘live and let live.’

My roomie just talked to me about my being gay, he said that he was cool

that I was open and honest about things and all that jazz, but that nothing

could happen in this room, which isn’t really a big deal since well, I’m

stilla virgin and I plan on staying that way for a while at least, well

maybe not that long, but long enough, hehe.

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