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Aug 27, 2001

Aug 27, [REM, "Drive"]

Well, it’s the first day of school for me, and another spot of depression

is starting to hit pretty hard. I miss not being around to go out with people.

I miss it so badly. I don’t see how PU’s can get into the routine of everyday

suburban life. I just could never do it. I’m not the most social person

in the world, but I still like going out, I like knowing that there’s always

someone I can call and say "Hey, lets go do such and such." But

right now I can’t do that because well, I don’t know anyone around campus.

Last night I didn’t sleep at all. I went to bed about 9:30 or so, and tried

to sleep, but I just couldn’t. I know things will get better, but right

now, things aren’t going good at all.

My first class of the new school year was cancelled, I don’t know if that’s

a good sign or a bad one, but whatever. I went to the Armory and got my

van registered and moved into a parking lot that I can park in. That took

me almost an hour and a half. Then after that I went and hung out infront

of Curtiss hall and watched the hot guys go by, and were there ever a ton

of them.

Vero and I went to Soc 134 together, we went in and sat down, and we were

talking about how we didn’t know anyone in the auditorium and then the person

in front of us turns around and says, "Hey I know you." It was

Jen Parsons (sp?) that was amusing, we also saw Nick Harris in there too,

he sat like a row down from us, so we didn’t talk to him, but he’s there.

The Prof for that class seems to be an ass, so I don’t know how the year

will go for that. We’ll see.

I want to see people, mostly Adam and Angie, but other people as well.

I’m having withdrawls from the group. Angie called last night, that was

cool to talk to her. We talked a bit about various things and other such

stuff. It was good to hear her voice again. I can’t wait tell Friday, it’s

a three day weekend. 🙂

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