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Aug 28, 2001

Aug 28, [Bon Jovi, "I’ll Be There For You"]

Well today has been one long ass day. I got up this morning at 6:30 and

left here for class at 7:30. I went to class, Acct 285, that was boring

as hell. Lots of hot guys in there, well actually there’s lots of hot guys

in all my classes. But yeah, then after that I went to Bus Ad 101, I have

to go get a book for that tomorrow. I hope I remember that. Then I went

to Krell to work. I should have a new e-mail there. It’ll be like

or something like that. I dunno yet. They haven’t taught me how to use the

system. I worked there tell 5, when I came back here and talked to Adam

a bit online. He’s really not doing good and I feel so bad for him. I wish

I could be there. But I can’t we’ll see what happens. I know in time things

will get better, but right now he needs people to be with him. Everything

reminds him of Angie, and that’s hard. It really is. The small things even

make him cry, and that’s hard for me to hear. I know how much it hurts him

to have her gone. And there’s really nothing I can do to help that. I really

wish there were more that I could do.

After I talked to Adam I went to my last class for the day. It’s Micro-Econ.

It’s going to be boring the frist couple weeks cause the first 5 chapters

between Macro and Mirco are the same thing. The prof is pretty young, and

he moves at a pretty fast pace. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep that

up all semester.

Now I’m back here, it’s almost 8. I tried calling Adam cause I wanted to

talk to him, but he wasn’t home. I’l try there again later. Dean called

me and left a message on my cell phone, he’s at the Madonna Concert and

he’s pretty excited. lol. I didn’t get anything to eat yet today, so I’m

going to go and try to find something here soon. I don’t really know where

on campus you can get food after the food service closes. I really dislike

that. At DSU you could go in and order anything any time of the day, that

was really cool cause if you missed a meal you didn’t have to go off campus

to find something. Here you can’t do that, or as I’m told. I’ll have to

find something to do in that aspect of things, cause I’m going to miss alot

of meals.

Tomorrow should be a pretty easy day. I’ve only got two classes. We’ll

see though.

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