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Aug 29, 2001 #2

Aug 29, #2 [Star Wars, "Imperial March"]

Well tonight’s been bloody awesome. Vero, Julian, Ryan (I think that’s

his name), And I went to the alliance meeting, that was great times. I saw

like 4 other people that I knew, or have seen around before. One guy, I

can’t remember his name, but Julian thinks it’s Nathan, came over and talked

to us for a bit. [His name’s Tony] It was good times, lots of hot guys there,

hehe. That should be something that I’ll look forward to every week.

I got my HW done, I’m happy about that. And plus there’s only 2 more days

tell Friday. I can’t wait to get out of here this weekend. It should be

good times, well not really good times, but it’ll be good in the sense that

I’ll get to see Adam again. I miss him so much.

My roomie’s quite the twat, he doesn’t understand that when you have to

fan blowing air out of the room and the door shut it pretty much creates

a vacum in a sense, and that will stop air from moving, so you want the

door to be open so that it’ll provide a fresh air sorce to the room, well

everytime that I open the door he goes and closes it, Grrr. It annoys me.

He’s also kinda rude in the fact that I was listening to music earlier and

trying to study in the room, and he comes back from class and turns on his

TV, sits down and turns it up so much that it drowns out my music, now I

can study with music going, cause it’s something that you can hear, but

not listen to, well TV I can’t have going and study at the same time, even

if I can’t see it. So that just bothered me. I’m like, grrr. I had the music

on first go away.

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