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Aug 29, 2001

Aug 29, [Alicia Keys, "Fallin’"]

Well it’s now noon and I’m done with classes, but I have a shit load of

HW to get done. I went to my Engl 105 class today and the prof comes in

and says, "I just found out 20 minutes ago that I teach this class."

I was like, oh good. So all she did was tell us wich books we needed, I

had to go buy another book, it was only 1.50 so that was cool. But then

we left. So then I went to Soc, I hung outside tell 9, but I never saw Vero,

so I just went on inside and he taught us. We talked about love and how

society teaches us to love. It was a pretty cool thing. Someone brought

up homosexuality too, and he talked about that for a bit. About how homosexuals

learn to love, and he essential said that we learn the same way as heterosexuals,

but we just love a different person. It’s been a pretty uneventful day,

I just can’t wait tell Friday. I want to go home so badly, well not really

home, I just want to see Adam really badly. I hope I don’t have much HW

to do over the weekend. I really don’t. I’m going to go get done what I

have now to do, laters.

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