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Aug 30, 2001

Aug 30, [Craig David, "Fill Me In"]

Ok, well today’s been one busy ass day again. I went to class this morning

at 8, that was boring, we had our first quiz, it was easy, it was just over

the sylubus, crazy man. Oh well. Then I went to work and there was like

no one there, so I went in a talked to my boss person, all I did today was

get netmeeting working with video, audio and a few other things to make

sure they all worked before next Tuesday when they have to use them in the

conference room. Then after that I went and researched on electronic whiteboards,

some of them are pretty damn cool things. After that I came back here and

went to my math 150 recitation thingy. OMG, that’s going to be one long

ass semester in there, I can’t understand a damn word the TA says, and he’s,

he’s just. ARG. I hate him already. Oh well.

I got my Krell e-mail today, that

brings the total up to 9 e-mail accounts I have to check daily. I should

just start forwarding things to one e-mail account, but I don’t really want

to do that cause then I don’t know where things are coming in from, like

right now, all my junk mail goes to comet, and all my personal mail to

now work e-mail goes to krell and school e-mail goes to ISU. I like having

Outlook cause it just checks them all for me. I just wish I could find a

way to convert my outlook mailboxes into something that one of the POP programs

for LINUX can read. Damn M$.

I’m so glad that today’s over, I get to see Adam tomorrow, I’m so fucking

happy. Oh speaking of Adam, the other day I posted some lyrics on my site

at the end of one of my posts, well usually if I put lyrics there, it’s

the lyrics from the song that I was listening to when I started the post,

well this time it wasn’t so I had to figure out what song it was, and I

just couldn’t fucking remember. It’s a great song, but I couldn’t remember

what it was called, so I called 105.1 and they didn’t know, so I knew it

had to be something they didn’t play that much. Savage Garden came to mind,

but just from the names of the songs that I had it didn’t look like any

of those. So I dug out my history in IE, and went back to that day, I found

the song, it was Savage Garden, "The Lover After Me." I love history.


My roomie finally understands the concepts of vacums and other such things.

He turned the fan so that it faces inward. He got out of bed like midnight,

I think he thought I was asleep and wouldn’t hear him doing it, but I saw

him, and I was like, "THANK GOD." Cause it felt so good. Oh well.

I’ve been debating lately on a new storage scheme for my MP3’s. I’m getting

so many I need to start seperating them somehow. I’ve been thinking about

making a new folder for each artist/band and seperating them that way. That

would work, but it’s alot of work. I’ve also been thinking about seperating

them by music type, but then you get those dance remixes of regular songs,

and I’d like to have those with the regular song, and you get those songs

that I just don’t know what the hell they are. So if you have any good suggestions,

E-mail me or something, eh.

I need to read my Soc book. But I’m not really in the mood to do that.

I have all my other HW done for the week. I just hope that I don’t get anything

in my classes tomorrow. I know I won’t get anything in Math cause they would

have assinged that today. I might have something in English, but that shouldn’t

be to bad I wouldn’t think. Oh well.

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