Author: Cj B

  • Dec 14, 2000

    Dec 14. my god i’m keeping this updated quite well i’m happy for myself, hehe. well hey todays been pretty cool. i got a job offer to work at out of council camps, but the best part is that one of the councils is the cradle of liberity council in philly. that would be soo […]

  • Dec 13, 2000

    Dec 13. Wed, ha;lf way trough the week. ahhhhh, finals are next week, i don’t like that. i’m really not looking forward to going home for the holidays. really not looking forward to it at all. i want to go out to philly and spend the time with danny, hehe. but i’ll have to go […]

  • Dec 12, 2000

    Dec 12 hehe, i’m doing this way to early, but o well. todays been kinda a downer day. i haven’t gotten much done really, went to math, that was fucking boring like normal so i won’t go into that. then i went to programming an hour early and sat in that room and got all […]

  • Dec 11, 2000

    Dec 11. yeah it’s like noon or there about, it’s BLOODY FUCKING COLD. damn it. last night we got about 4 inches of snow and it’s still snowing. and the high today is supposed to be -2 or something and they are saying windchills from -30 to -70 for the next week, o joy. sounds […]

  • Dec 10, 2000

    Dec 10, i guess, i think it’s sunday. yeah. well yeah, yesterday was great. but today’s sucked ass so far. i got up early, i don’t know why, but i layed in bed for hours, just thinking about danny, again, wishing i had him here just so icould cuddle close to him and hold him. […]