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Aug 22, 2001 #2

Aug 22, #2 [Heather Small, "Holding On"]

I went over to Adam’s tonight. I’m really worried about him. I know he’s

not going to do anything drastic, but he’s been depressed lately, and that

worries me. I dunno. We talked today about things, it was good to hear him

get his feelings out. I had known that he had feelings for people for a

while now, but I never knew how deep those feelings were until today. I’m

glad that he can talk to me about these things, even though I did kinda

have to drag it out of him. He siad he didn’t want me to get mad at him

cause of his feelings. I feel bad knowning that he’d think I would get mad

at him for that. I love him to death as a friend and I would never get mad

at him for something like that. I want him to feel like he can come to me

and talk to me about anything and everything. Now, I admit a couple weeks

ago, I would have gotten mad at him for what he told me tonight, but I thought

that lately we had shared so much he would have known that I wouldn’t. It’s

ok though. I’m really glad that we’ve had the time to share things that

we have, and that we’ve learned so much about each other. There’s just really

no way to put to words what I want to say about him. There really isn’t.

I’m soooo glad I met Adam this summer. I really really am.

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