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Aug 22, 2001

Aug 22, [Train, "it’s About You"]

I’ve got a job, well that is if I take it. I went into Krell today and

she was like, "Well you have the job, but lets talk." Ok so she

didn’t say exactly that, but that’s close to what she said, so we talked

for a bit about what I’ve done before and what programming I know and other

general stuff, it’s going to be cool working there. Then she went and showed

me my office and I talked to Barb for a bit. It was cool. I’ll be making

$10 an hour to start and 10 hours a week. Then they increase / decrease

your pay and hours based on how good your grades are. I should do pretty

well with that. I have to call them back sometime and tell them that I’ll

take it. I didn’t take it right on the spot cause I haven’t told my parents

that I applied there yet.

I also stopped into NP today and populated the school with HRC stickers,

you know the little "=" ones, I gave one to Mrs. C, Mr. C, Mr.

C, Mr. Fjelland, Mr. Reece, I gave the secretarys one and Paula took a couple.

I also gave a bunch to Ramsey and Neil to hand out to people. Mr. C is also

going to put up a poster about the GRLC for me. Good times there.

Well that’s about all that’s happened here today, I’m going to go over

and hang out with Adam now. Laters all.

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